Hot, hot, and hot

I think maybe my computer problems are behind me.   Tom convinced me that an 8 year old computer needs replacing.  I dread that more than a colonoscopy or a root canal but the machine was getting too far behind the times to exist.   So we went to Costco and came home with a new Mac Mini.   Pretty much exactly like my old one except for all new software and main CPU chip and all semiconductor memory.   After a few hours of wrestling with new software downloads at Tom’s house, it seemed to work and we came home.   I waited a day before trying it here at the lake and was surprised that it came on and performed perfectly.   That is until I tried to open the Chrome browser.   That brought it all to it’s knees.   I called the IT guy, aka Tom, and between us we managed to get it back running.   I’m sure as I try new things, there will be new hitches but within a year of kicking and screaming, it will be just fine.   Maybe even posting the blog routinely will be possible.

The only thing left in the garden are a couple green pepper plants.   I’ve weeded it down to the tiniest weed and redid the walking paths between the garden rows so it’s ready to start thinking about next season.   The overhanging issue is whether or not somebody buys Barbara’s house.  I would hate to go to all the expense and trouble of raising seedlings only to lose garden rights.   It’s been on the market for the better part of a year with nearly zero interest but that could change overnight.   And who knows, new owners could grandfather me in on the garden for a crop split.

It’s hot, hot, hot but no fires – plenty of humidity, but no flames.   We’re keeping busy despite the covid’s – Nancy playing bridge (and winning) twice a week and me walking miles on the many jungle trails of Palm Coast.   I average more than 2 miles a day (says the fitbit) with a couple of 5-6 mile days thrown in.   On those bridge days, I usually end up at the library after walking – downloading movies onto the iPad.   I keep the jungle under control with 1-2 hours a day of clipping and trimming.

Kidney Stones

After a little prodding, decided to start posting again.   

The last couple of months were highlighted (for me) by the surgical removal of kidney stones – one of which measured 9 mm – which I guess is a substantial stone/boulder.   It was accompanied by a UTI so my system was screwed up for sure.  I ended up in the emergency room and then a urology surgical center.   After a few days recovery at home, things got back to normal quickly and all’s been well since.  The stone was of the Oxylate variety which is supposedly controlled by diet.   They gave me a list of what’s ok and not ok to consume.  The surprises on the list were green leafy veggie’s of the kind listed as super foods on all the dietary blogs.  Also blueberries which I buy in yearly quantities and have with cereal almost every day.  The big surprised was Draft beer.  Bottled beer ok (so I assume canned beer also ok).  Most of the beer I consume is while waiting for Nancy at her Bridge club and it’s always a draft, craft beer.   So I either have to get used to an occasional stone event or drop kale from my diet.  I don’t see any other place to cut.   One doc recommended I drink lemonade since that somehow interferes with the stone formation so I’ve done that.   I also dropped cranberry juice since it was on the bad list.   Interestingly some doc’s recommend cranberry juice for urological problems.  I tried avoiding draft beer for a few weeks and it just didn’t work for me.

After my hiatus from the blog, but unhooked from that, Tom gave me his old fitbit machine so I could keep track of how many steps I walk.   I kind of thought it would be up there but have been surprised to learn that I accumulate about 9000 steps a day half the time and 7000 on the other days.   I walk quite a bit on the days Nancy is playing bridge but even on the other days, I manage to accumulate more than I ever suspected just walking from the house to the garden, to the lake, to the mail box etc.   It also says that my heart rate is fine – which I never doubted.   I do think it’s screwed up when it comes to judging my sleeping.   I sleep just fine but the monitor has a different opinion.   Must be a tech problem. 

I’ve mentioned Nancy’s bridge club a couple of times.   It’s in Palm Coast, about 45 minutes from the lake, and Nancy plays for a few hours on Tuesday’s and Thursdays.   It’s a sanctioned game with typically 16-18 tables.   About a third of the players are life masters and most of the others are striving to achieve that level – so it’s a serious game.    Nancy is significantly handicapped  with her eyes and I think the fact that she  finishes in the top 4 consistently with an occasional first place blows them away.  It’s ok to be beaten by another life master but by someone who is legally blind………… While she’s playing, I either do a power walk at one of Palm Coast’s trails, go surf fishing, do some light grocery shopping, and/or visit the library – particularly on a rainy day.

The garden is basically done.   Not much can handle the heat, including the farmer.   I have a few bell pepper plants still producing but nothing else.   I normally use this time to thoroughly weed and unload the compost piles onto the main garden for the fall season.  About all I can handle is a couple of hours a day but that works just fine for me.   I’ll start thinking about the fall plantings and organizing my seeds late August.   Oh, the other thing I’m doing in the garden is digging up the new (renegade) tomato plants that spring up from last season’s dropped tomatoes.  I’ll have a dozen or so of those plants going by the end of July and they should produce mostly cherry tomatoes by October – if they survive.   

A new Crop

Another gigantic tomato sauce manufacturing operation going on today.  This is 3 giant pots and moves us past the half way point on tomato production.   What’s most interesting is that the only tomatoes I grew this season were cherry’s and plum varieties so you can imagine just how many tomatoes it takes to make a gallon of sauce.   We’re having a mother’s day gathering at the house so you can guess what’s on the menu.  To calibrate you, after the 6 of us ate all the pasta we could handle, there were 20 pints of sauce for the freezer.  More calibration – we use 3 pints of sauce with a pound of pasta and a pint of sauce for 2 pizza’s.   

Getting ever so slightly concerned about the lake level heading into May.   Although we supposedly got much less rain than average this past winter, the lake remains fairly high.  Seems like it never really dropped down to a typical winter level.   My concern is that we’re starting the wet season without enough space to handle a much higher lake level.   Wonder if I should be thinking about converting the garden to a rice paddy?

A crop I used to grow with great success in Utah was winter squash – acorn and butternut –  have failed on a regular basis in Florida.   Over the past 10 or so years I’ve tried several different varieties of each with zero success.   I get good foliage and plenty of blossoms but shortly after the fruit starts to form, they die.   I’ve tried so many times and so many different ways that I gave up.   We get the squash at Publix and that’s that.   But something interesting happened this year.   When I clean the squash(from Publix), I toss the seeds along with the shells in the compost pile.  For some reason, this year those seeds actually sprouted in the pile and as a joke project, I transplanted several to the main garden.   As in the past, great foliage and plenty of blossoms but, for whatever reason, the squash seems to be growing nicely and I’m about ready to pick a couple of Acorns.   I have no idea what variety I’m growing and the produce guy at Publix is no source of info on varieties.  

Having technical difficulties and the IT department has temporarily relocated to Chicago.

Fun at the Lake

Nice weekend.   We met Tom, Tina, Tommy and Kate at Persimmon Hollow Friday night.   Traditionally we ate taco’s from the really great place across from the Hollow but have more recently expanded our menu to include wings and this time, Tom had a barbecue sausage sandwich which he said was incredible.  The beer was, as usual, great.   Then on Saturday, Joey and Mark came up to the lake and took out a trashy tree I’d been wanting to remove plus a lawn mowing and some honey do’s for Nancy.   In parallel with us doing the outside work, Nancy  cooked up another 10 quarts of pasta sauce using tomatoes I picked from the garden a few hours earlier.   This batch will be a little different since the mix of paste tomatoes to cherries was heavily tilted toward the paste variety.   Out of each batch we distribute a few pints to Joey and to Tom and still have enough for us to make it thru until the next tomato season.   Our problem is usually freezer space.   That became an even bigger problem today because it’s officially blueberry season.   We usually buy enough from a local farmer to carry us through the whole year.  That works out to be $100 worth.   This time Joey also ordered the same amount.  To calibrate you, that works out to be 15 quart size zip lock bags full of berries for each of us.  We use just about 1 quart bag every month.  So between tomato sauce and blueberries, the freezers are bursting at the seams. 

The weekend still had more to go.   On Sunday Tom, Tina, Tommy and Kate came to the lake for a summer celebration or something like that.   Tom arrived first and took Nancy and I shopping in Daytona then back at the house.  Tina, Tommy and Kate were down at the dock getting ready and enjoying the wilderness.   Tom and Kate brought their pit bull, Meadow, so it was a full on party.   Tom set up his portable grill and refrigerator and commenced to grill shrimp and corn on the cob.   Tina brought a Greek salad and roasted potatoes so we have a real feast.  Key lime pie for dessert.

So all in all, couldn’t have had a better weekend.   


Tuesday was a great day – Nancy came in second at bridge with 14 1/2 tables and Peter caught a nice pompano in the surf at Flagler Beach.   That made his trip complete.  They’ll be leaving Wednesday heading south to Key West.   A few days there and then they head north to VA and west and south back to California.   I think they’ll be another month on the road.  Their motor home is really nice and roomy – I was impressed.   

 The big news is that Tom resigned from UCF to join Iron Galaxy ( the video game company) full time.   He’s been operating two full time positions for quite some time now with continuous growth in both endeavors.   There’s only so many hours in a day and a certain amount of time needs to be set aside for golf and fishing.  Tom’s new title is GM (of Operations I think) with responsibilities in Orlando and Chicago.

The garden is changing rapidly now as summer looms.  The greens have been the prominent residents for the past few months but the heat tears them up.   The swiss chard is on it’s last legs as are the turnips, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and carrots.   The only greens still holding up are collards and kale.  Tomatoes are coming on strong and we’ve started converting cherry and paste varieties into tomato sauce.   You know you have a serious tomato supply when you can cook up cherry tomatoes into 10 quarts of sauce – and they’re just coming on now.   Green peppers also doing well.   The jury’s out on squash.   They always look good early in the season but often become overwhelmed by critters and heat.  The interesting thing about the squash this season is that all the plants popped up in the compost pile from seeds that came from store bought squash and made it to the dinner table – not from seeds I purchased.   So no idea what variety they are or whether they’re acorn or butternuts.   Also no idea if they’re a variety that can handle our climate.   It’s also possible that they are not squash at all but melons.  They all look the same early on.  So it’s a crap shoot, wait and see crop. 

The Party

First big lake party in quite some time.   The occasion was Peter Ronca’s visit to Florida and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a family reunion.   I think the final head count was 20.   It started out in the AM with some hard rain but by mid afternoon it couldn’t have been nicer and the lake played a role in the fun and frolics.  We haven’t had a party this large in quite a while and we were a little concerned that we’d be overwhelmed.   Joey, Mark, Tom and Tina to the rescue.   They took over many of the more physically taxing jobs and when they left, there was very little additional cleanup required the next day.  Easiest party we ever hosted.  I think we’ve got this on a roll now and should plan a few more this summer.  As far as food, Nancy and I made a huge pan of baked beans, a large macaroni salad, broccoli salad, and carrot salad. We picked up a large box of fried chicken from Publix – 50 pieces – plus a veggie tray. Tom brought a fully populated giant cooler of drinks plus a cooler full of water which were positioned down at the lake on the dock. We put together another cooler of drinks for the porch. Tina brought another magnificent cake. It was Peter’s birthday making the day even more special.

Peter and Lei are staying at a campground on Flagler Beach – right on the ocean.   It’s about a mile south of where we used to spend our beach time so we’re totally familiar with the area.  I fixed up a surf fishing outfit for Peter and really hope the surf is good to him.   Our plan is to hook up on the beach Tuesday.  I’ll drop Nancy off to her bridge game and hook over to Peter’s to go fishing with him.  Then I’ll get Nancy and we’ll head back over to the beach and a picnic with Pete and Lei.   Not sure what their plans are for the rest of the week but think it involves a trip to the Keys.  

Other notable guests to the event were Little Tommy and Kate who drove in from Chicago and Simon and Amy who drove in Alabama.   Johnny, Brian, and Joanne and their respective spouses, representing the Brueggemann clan.  The big surprise for everyone was just how much Peter looks like Uncle Vinnie.   You could instantly pick him out of a crowd as a Ronca.  

A day at the beach

Tuesday was a great day – Nancy came in second at bridge with 14 1/2 tables and Peter caught a nice pompano in the surf at Flagler Beach.   That made his trip complete.  They’ll be leaving Wednesday and head south to Key West.   Then they head north to VA and west and south back to California.   I think they’ll be another month on the road.  Their motor home is really nice and roomy – I was impressed.   

 The big news is that Tom resigned from UCF to join Iron Galaxy ( the video game company) full time.   He’s been operating two full time positions for quite some time now with continuous growth in both endeavors.   There’s only so many hours in a day and a certain amount of time needs to be set aside for golf and fishing.  Tom’s new title is GM (of operations I think) with responsibilities in Orlando and Chicago

She’s number 1

She’s back!    Nancy finished 4th in the 13 table bridge game Tuesday and had several people request her consideration as a future partner.   She was having some personal doubts as to her ability after a couple of bad hands last week.  I tried to convince her that was to be expected with a layoff of over a year.  And who knows, maybe the stitches in her ear have focused her on the game more.  They come out on Friday so we’ll have see how she plays after they’re removed.  

The Thursday game was even more rewarding – she and her partner came in first!  So that totally dispels the notion that the lay-off had any impact on her ability to play.   Our phone rang off the hook with potential partners calling.

Friday – the stitches came out easily and it looks pretty good.   The bummer was that the cutting did not get all the bad stuff and needs a little more trimming – scheduled for May 3.   It’s still very low risk melanoma but it makes sense to have it gone.   I guess that’s easy for me since it’s not my ear.

After the stitch removal we went to the retina doc for her eye shot.  That seems to have gone well with not a drop of blood showing.   The shots have always been administered on Friday’s at 8 week intervals but they are changing that to Wednesdays.   Nancy was quite happy with that change since she has a bridge partner that can only play on Friday’s and the shots interfered with that.   So now it looks like bridge/surf fishing days will be Tuesday’s and Fridays.  

As a reward for all the morning doctoring, we went back to Buc-ee’s.   The last time we went was right after the grand opening and it was a madhouse.   I needed gas and they’re $.40 under the prevailing prices so it made sense.   It was still a total madhouse.   You can’t imagine the amount of business they do.  Inside we picked up a dozen muffins after the first batch we bought turned out so good.  Also decided to get beef brisket sandwiches to take home – excellent.  Outside they have 104 gas pumps and I suspect at least 50 were being used.  

A New Carbone

We’re going to have a great grandson!

Nancy’s melanoma ear surgery came off just fine.   We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 AM and left by noon.  Full knock out.   It took 20 tiny stitches to close it up.  The pain has been very manageable and she’s been getting by with a couple of Tylenol every 4 hours.  We took the bandage off last night and have been swabbing it with Neosporin.  To me, it looks fine.   

The Tuesday bridge/surf fishing events came off without a hitch. Nancy came in 4th in the 13 table game so she’s back in the groove. She was beating herself up for not coming back from the hiatus at full speed so this good finish does a lot. The fishing was great but the catching was lousy. The beach was back to being crowded but the weather was perfect. I fished for about 2 hours with not a bite. There were about 20 other rods in the water within eye sight and in that 2 hours, I didn’t see any rods bending at all. Still loved it.

Had Easter at Tom and Tina’s.  Tina made a great breakfast and dinner featuring a smoked leg of lamb.   Olivia was home from school for the Easter break and we got to see her a couple of times.  She’s doing very well in PA school and is really starting to talk like a doctor!!

Starting to pick carrots again and they are really nice – good color and straight.   Home grown carrots are often ugly but I planted the seeds in a row I’d been softening and composting with grass cuttings for a couple of years.   You can sure tell the difference.   The area I’m picking now is adjacent to the turnips and those too have been incredibly productive and picture ready.  

Another big event coming up is the start of blueberry season.  Weather dependent, that’s usually sometime between the first of April and the first of May. I have an “appointment” at Blueberry Hill Farms in Crescent City where we’ve bought our annual supply of blueberries for the past 10 years or so.   We get $100 worth and freeze them in pint size ziplock bags.   I have two bags left from last season which will get me thru to the first of May.  I could get them for less by picking them myself but……………

Friday is a big day for Nancy – gets the stitches removed from her ear and an eye shot –  stitches at 8:45AM;  eye shot at 9:45.  To brighten the day, maybe we’ll hit Buc-ee’s for cheap gas, super muffins, and brisket sandwiches.  

Getting Ready for a Ronca Visit

The garden salads now include cherry tomatoes.    I think we’re going to have more tomatoes this year than ever before.  Also picking small broccoli florets for the salad so these are becoming masterpieces.   

The weather is crazy.  It’s April 2 and we could have overnight lows in the 30’s – should be in the 60’s.   By Sunday we will be back in the upper 80’s for afternoon highs.   It’s really confusing some of the garden but by and large, they’re doing well.   Sure need some rain though.   Another weather phenomena that caused me some trouble is the high winds.   It was howling this morning when Nancy and I went to the hospital for her surgery and still howling when we came home after noon.  The palm trees were bent nearly horizontal. I went down to the dock to make sure things were ok and found the glider hanging off the dock in the water.   It was all I could do to get it back on the dock and tied up.   At least I thought it was tied up but about 30 minutes later, back in the drink.   Retrieved it again and really secured it this time.   I decided to paint the new picnic table with a clear preservative.  With the cooler temps, lower humidity and wind I figured it would cure quickly.  It did.   I ended up using a full quart – along with the top side of the new table, got an old picnic table, and the Adirondack chair.   I’ll probably get another quart and do the underside of all those and the glider – if it behaves and stays on the dock.  I also painted another old picnic table – bright red – and a final coat on the old metal dock chairs.   Good as new.

Nancy’s cousin, Peter Ronca, and his wife are about to start a cross country vacation trip in their giant motor home.  They’re scheduled here the end of April and have reservations on Beverly Beach about a half mile from where we used to spend our beach weeks.  It’s great surf fishing there and I’m guessing that Peter would love to try it so I decided to break out another couple of my surf fishing outfits for them to borrow.    I hadn’t used either in several years so decided it made sense to check them out.   No matter how you clean off gear that’s been used on the beach, it’s never quite enough and it’s almost expected that when you don’t use them occasionally, they can be cranky getting started.   These two were locked up solid.   I almost gave up on them a couple times but in a couple of hours they were humming.   Nothing is ever easy!   I used to be able to fix reels easily but that’s when I could see much better and my fingers were better connected to my brain.