News Flash

The bananas are ripe. about 10 days ago I cut off one bunch and put them in a large plastic container with a lid to keep them dark and contain the gases. Supposedly this ripens the bananas. I checked every couple of days and saw no progress so I started figuring I had cut them off too soon or maybe they were just inferior bananas. I went out and checked this morning and oila!, actually a day or so earlier would have been just fine.

They taste great, just like bananas. The skin is much thinner than regular store bananas so even though they are smaller, you seem to get more actual fruit out of one than you’d nomally expect. I gave George and Barbara about half of them since we wouldn’t eat that many in a year. I’m guessing Nancy will make banana bread or something from the rest of them. And I still have the big bunch on the tree – I’m guessing that’s another 40-50. I have to try to calibrate the cutting time so they will be ripe when the kids can have a banana split party.

Also – in the suspicions confirmed department – I was listening to a weather forecaster on Fox News this morning and he was discussing the new storm, Wilma. He said that this storm would tie us for the busiest season since 1933. Then he said, “but who knows. Back then they only counted storms that hit somewhere. Other than that, they never knew about them. And even then, not sure about exact speeds.” So if you think about this season and how many of the storms never hit anything or hit the Yucatan or even the one that hit Portugal at 45mph (Vince) – I’m betting 1933 was a much, much more active storm year and that there were plenty of seasons that would have scored much higher using today’s standards. How come no weather person ever brings up that point but rather does those comparisons as if they were true?