Hot, hot, and hot

I think maybe my computer problems are behind me.   Tom convinced me that an 8 year old computer needs replacing.  I dread that more than a colonoscopy or a root canal but the machine was getting too far behind the times to exist.   So we went to Costco and came home with a new Mac Mini.   Pretty much exactly like my old one except for all new software and main CPU chip and all semiconductor memory.   After a few hours of wrestling with new software downloads at Tom’s house, it seemed to work and we came home.   I waited a day before trying it here at the lake and was surprised that it came on and performed perfectly.   That is until I tried to open the Chrome browser.   That brought it all to it’s knees.   I called the IT guy, aka Tom, and between us we managed to get it back running.   I’m sure as I try new things, there will be new hitches but within a year of kicking and screaming, it will be just fine.   Maybe even posting the blog routinely will be possible.

The only thing left in the garden are a couple green pepper plants.   I’ve weeded it down to the tiniest weed and redid the walking paths between the garden rows so it’s ready to start thinking about next season.   The overhanging issue is whether or not somebody buys Barbara’s house.  I would hate to go to all the expense and trouble of raising seedlings only to lose garden rights.   It’s been on the market for the better part of a year with nearly zero interest but that could change overnight.   And who knows, new owners could grandfather me in on the garden for a crop split.

It’s hot, hot, hot but no fires – plenty of humidity, but no flames.   We’re keeping busy despite the covid’s – Nancy playing bridge (and winning) twice a week and me walking miles on the many jungle trails of Palm Coast.   I average more than 2 miles a day (says the fitbit) with a couple of 5-6 mile days thrown in.   On those bridge days, I usually end up at the library after walking – downloading movies onto the iPad.   I keep the jungle under control with 1-2 hours a day of clipping and trimming.

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