Great, Great Grandfather

Of course the big news is the new great grandson.   Bay Joseph Carbone.  Congrat’s Amy and Simon.

Still no hard definition on next door – supposedly an acceptable offer has been proffered and the deal is at the bank getting a loan.   Barbara is thinking she’ll be moving the end of October.   Toward that end, she’s had a moving POD brought to her house which will be loaded with furniture etc and put in storage.  I wouldn’t think she would do that without feeling fairly certain that the sale will happen.  That means we may get to pick some beans and maybe squash and cucumbers but no tomatoes, peppers or greens.   Most of the seedlings have been transplanted to temporary quarters – aka yogurt cups – where they’ll grow some for the next 2-3 weeks.  I’m really happy with the green peppers.   They’re a hard crop but it looks like I got 100% and they all look strong.   One bad thing is that they’re a 90 day crop so it may be that the new owners get all the benefit. ditto the tomatoes.   I also planted some lettuce – way early.  Lettuce has trouble with heat but I decided to take a chance that it will cool down early enough to produce.  I have the seeds left over from last year so the worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t make it.  Time will tell.  Also, I still have plenty of lettuce seed so if we keep working the garden, I can always replant the lettuce.  One thought I had was to offer them use of our dock for parties etc in exchange for the garden.   Just a thought. 

The new computer is behaving so I treated it to more internet access.  The ATT personal hotspot gave us 3GB of data per month which was perfectly adequate pre I-pad.  The I-pad included plenty of data on the sprint network but we had frequent signal problems.  Never any ATT problems since we’re within a few hundred yards of the tower so we uptick’d the ATT hotspot to100GB.  

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