Booster Shots

A crop I haven’t mentioned was the pineapple crop.    I picked a beauty the other day and we decided to make a pineapple upside down cake.   Without a doubt this was the best ever and it has to be from using the fresh pineapple rather than the canned slices we’ve used in the past.   I have about a dozen pineapple plants and I think six of them have fruit so I see more cake in our future.

We got our Covid booster shots.   It was simple to set up an appointment at Publix  on line. I did it myself so you know it had to be simple.   The only part that threw me for a setback was a question on the form that asked if I was a robot.   I thought it was a joke or something but it tilted my initial try.   The event itself was right on time and painless.   After about 6 hours we both had “sore” arms at the injection site but very mild.

Still wrestling with issues coming from the new computer and software updates.   Then to make things more confusing, AT&T got in the mix by upgrading the cell network from 3G to 5G – not related to the new computer but another tech “upgrade”.  I was perfectly happy with 3G so why rock the boat. They sent us a new interface box which should have taken about 1 minute to swap the old one.  I was smart enough to wait a couple days until Tom came up to mess with it.  Two days later, still not connected because of some password issues.   We’ve had the original box for about 15 years – flawless but our original account has all wrong data regarding things like email address.   The IT dept jumped right on it and I felt better after he wrestled with it for a couple of hours.  We’re waiting for some new code words from AT&T but so long as they don’t pull the plug on our 3G, we’re ok.   I wonder what folks without an IT dept do.

So far so good on the hurricane season.   Nothing even close.

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