Closer to Normal

The garden is starting to take shape.   Most of the indoor seed starts have been transplanted into the garden and taken hold.  I lost quite a few to critters and weather but those that survived are putting on great growth.  I over plant just to account for those losses.  Additionally, in the past few weeks I’ve planted seeds directly in the garden and most have germinated and look really good.  I usually let those grow for a few weeks then thin out and transplant in empty garden spots.   That way I get max use of the space and have a continuous stream of veggies through the season.   The seeds planted in the last two weeks include collards, more chard, more carrots, spinach, lettuce and cauliflower.  All have germinated and will be spread around to open spaces in the next couple of weeks.  Depending on how much space I have available at the end of the month, I’ll start new cabbage seeds.  We’re having some kind of late season tropical storm which has cooled the temps and dropped inches of light rain – just perfect for early stage seedlings.     

Good news for Nancy – the Palm Coast Bridge club is reopening next week.   That surprises me a little since the “covid’s” seem to be ramping up again.  Palm Coast, in Flagler County, has had very low reported cases throughout this whole period so we’re not concerned.  Maybe I’ll get back to my walking along the inter-coastal.   I was doing 4 miles twice a week before the shut down but will probably have to work my way back up to that distance.   Remember, I was way younger then.   I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok with the pub part at the end of the walk.  I’ll also have to renew my annual state park pass which I let expire when I was isolated to Barberville.  Oil my surf gear.  Nancy is a little concerned that she won’t be able to find a partner but I think that will work itself out.  Her vision problem presents a little extra work for a partner which she’s concerned will prevent someone from stepping up.   When last opened, there were games 7 days a week.  The new plan is two days a week – which is how much Nancy played anyway.  It was a Monday and Friday event for us;  the new opening is only Tuesday and Friday.   I think we can make that adjustment.   Update – two people called Nancy to play bridge so looks like that hurdle never materialized.