Almost Thanksgiving

Had a very busy weekend starting with the dock.   We’re having holiday company and I anticipate some time spent there so I wanted it to be “freshened”.   That meant repairing/replacing some rotten deck planks.   Joey and Mark came up on Saturday and attacked it with vigor.   To start I walked around pressing down on suspect boards to determine whether or not they needed replacement.  I pressed one and went right through.  So I was down on the dock with my leg dangling into the lake – so the job was properly blooded.   We ended up replacing a dozen or so rotted planks with no more happenings.   So the dock is ready for company.  Thanks guys.

Later that day, I was in the tub cleaning up and Nancy was asleep on the couch when this crashing sound occurred.   It sounded like a tree had fallen onto the roof – hit hard then shifted down the roof.   I got out of tub and walked outside to see where the damage was and Nancy went out the front to do the same.   Nothing.  Then she found that the crash was inside in the laundry area where a cabinet had ripped off the wall, stopped by the dryer and the power cable I have connecting the house with the portable generator.   Of course the cabinets were full so the appropriate mess was made.  After trying myself to deal with it, clearly it was nothing I could handle myself so I alerted Tom and Joey that we needed emergency assistance.  Tom was already scheduled to come up Sunday so he said he’d come up earlier than planned and between us, we’d get the cabinet removed.   And that’s what happened.  It took us about an hour but we got it removed and ready for replacement.   Joey/Mark are going to look for a replacement cabinet and install it.   No rush on that.  The back of the cabinet is/was fiber board and I guess, over the years, it absorbed moisture and just gave it up.   The wall looks just fine so it’s only a replacement job, not a repair.  I think if it hadn’t been for the generator cable stopping the crash, it would have damaged the utility room doors and possibly the clothes dryer.

But best of all – Baby Bay visited!    He (and his parents) stayed overnight on the way to Tom’s Thanksgiving day party.  He loved the garden and the lake and being carried by his nana.   He’s tiny but has a big voice to grow into. We’ll be hooking up with them later today for the Thanksgiving celebration. Should be a great day with all the grandkids on hand.

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