Status Quo

Fingers crossed that the new computer is up and running for good.   Thanks Tom.  It’s much, much faster but is still taking a while to feel comfortable with it.

We’ve had a string of storms that brought a little rain – no wind at all – so the lake is as full as it’s been in a couple of years.  It’s looking like the next storm is heading for the NE so we’re likely ok thru August.   

We just signed up to get the covid booster shot and have an appointment for next Monday at Publix.   I signed us up online and had the normal amount of problems getting it done correctly.  One that set me back this time as an icon I hadn’t seen before asking if I was a robot.   Yeah, are you a robot?   I thought it was an ad for something and continued on filling out the form to the bottom of the page where it had a block labeled “continue”.   Nothing happened no matter how many times or how hard I banged the key.  Even yelling at it did nothing.   So I killed the form and tried again.   Same result.   Then for some reason, I looked closer at the robot icon and decided to click it – I figured I was heading down the rabbit hole.   Nope – it went right through and let me continue to the end.  Nothing is simple.   

Still no action on Barbara’s house.   I see an occasional looker and she mentioned some interest but no action.   I’m approaching the point where I have to make some garden decisions such as getting some seeds started and doing some heavy duty weeding.  I’m squeezing in an hour or so a day working the weeding problem – early before it gets too hot and getting my seed starting stuff together.   I already have enough seeds for some starts – so no investment necessary.  Dec 1 is my new decision date.

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