Busy week

This was a busy week.   Had Stanley Steemer come in and do the floors – tile and carpet.   Also the Oriental rug and the tile in the showers.  They cleaned and resealed the grout on the floors.  What a difference.  It’s only been 20 years since it all was first installed so I guess over the years it had gradually “aged”.    

While we were at it, we had noticed a gurgling sound in the kitchen sink when the bath tub was draining so I got concerned that the septic tank was signaling that it needed service.   We never had a backup but also had never had the tank serviced since installation – 20 years ago.   I know that we opted for an oversized tank when it was originally installed, don’t have a garbage disposal unit – classically a problem with epic tanks – and that Nancy has been semi religious about adding a monthly dose of yeast  but since the recommended service period for a clean-out is 3-5 years, my gut told me we needed to brace ourselves and get it done.   Tom and I messed around with a clean-out snake but didn’t come across any blockage and had no impact on the slow draining.  

When the service truck arrived, it was a bit taller than the trees hanging over the driveway would permit.  Bad start.   The service guy was prepared for such an event and had a battery powered saw to cut away brush in the way.   Battery was dead so I broke out my chain saw and cut off the offensive branches.   I’m thinking this is not going smoothly but let’s get on with it.     He found the tank and pulled the lid with zero problem and pronounced the tank didn’t look too bad.   It was nearly full of solid material but he said he had encountered much worse.   Within about 20 minutes he had totally drained the tank, flushed it out using all our water sources in the house – flushed the toilets, ran the sinks etc and found no internal blockages at all.  Mission accomplished.  I asked the serviceman about using yeast or Riddex and he recommended the yeast as actually better for the tank than Riddex and much cheaper.   I think the 3-5 year maintenance cycle would really apply to house with a large population – two old citizens just don’t tax the system.   I also suspect Nancy’s diligent use of yeast was a big plus.  She changes the A/C filter and the yeast at the same time, once a month.

We capped the week off with a trip to Nancy’s oncologist/surgeon to get the low down on her melanoma (which seems to be of the mildest variety), a stop at her hair dresser’s for a quick do, and then lunch at the half wall with a glass of blueberry wheat brew.  The melanoma was found by the dermatologist at a routine, six month checkup a couple of weeks ago.  They had a genetic test performed on the biopsy  which rated it as the weakest, least likely to spread type.  But it still should be surgically removed.  The oncologist was quite certain that minor surgery would remove the affected area with near zero chance of any spread.  We’ll schedule to get it done sometime in the next few weeks.

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