More Projects

Mark and I worked on the pump down at the dock and got it working again.   Pretty sure the problem was the work of mud dobbers/wasps who had crawled upside and froze the impeller blades on the cooling fan.  It had been unused for at least a year and the critters are unrelenting.    After cleaning that out, it started right up.   Didn’t even need priming which meant the stop valve and pressure switch were still working and means I can now clean fish down at the dock and pressure wash the dock.   Nancy’s not wild about me cleaning fish in the house.   

Another big project nominally completed this past week was cleaning off the mildew/fungus/grunge that has been growing profusely (for 15+ years) on all three of out sheds.   It was a much bigger job than I had anticipated and requiring hand scrubbing each square inch with bleach.   I could do about an hour’s worth each day before my arms gave out.  The first time I wasn’t wearing rubber gloves and suffered burns for a week afterwards.   By the time I was done, one pair of pants and a heavy duty flannel pull over shirt were (from my Utah days) converted to future work clothes.   

Cleaned out a row in the garden that was pretty much played out and replanted with green bean seeds.   I put in 3 x 10’ rows.   The seed was less than a year old so should germinate just fine.  As soon as these germinate and put on a set of real leaves, I’ll plant another patch about the same size.  Also started picking turnips.   In the past I’ve never had luck but this crop seems perfect.  I don’t know anybody that eats turnip greens and hate to just toss them in the compost pile but…………

Next job checked off the list is power washing the dock.   It’s been a couple of years and one section was really nasty.   There’s no down spout from the roof gutter so every time it rains, that piece of the dock gets wet.  We’re (Mark) is going to add the downspout so I decided to kick off the project with a thorough cleaning.   Lots of electrical problems between the water pump and power washer but finally got it done with only a few breaker pops.  It took a few hours but it looks pretty good. 

And the really big event – they decided to restart the Palm Coast bridge game and we’re on our way.   Maybe a resumption of the good life.   She’ll play bridge to her hearts content and I’ll go surf fishing for a few hours.  Then we’ll hit the local brewery on the way home for a finisher.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the whole thing comes off flawlessly.  She’s a little nervous that her playing will have suffered during the break but I’m fairly confident that she’ll do just fine. 

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