Time to restart posting to the blog.    There’s been nothing of interest going on since the feared and dreaded Covid’s attacked.   But with the introduction of the vaccine, things seem to be brightening quickly in Florida.  We got the second shot two weeks ago so we’re good to go!

My signal that things are almost back on track is that both Nancy’s bridge games, the one in Crescent City and the one’s in Palm Coast are restarting on a limited basis.   That means a restart of our social life – my surf fishing and brewery inspections and Nancy’s fun and games.  Last week our March calendar was empty but now it’s brimming over with events and we’re starting to run into scheduling conflicts.   Many of the events are still doctor visits but even so – the juggling has begun.

A couple of big news events since this time last year.   Simon and Amy are expecting – meaning we could become great grandparents.   Aaron and Kayla are likewise expecting, I think within a month of Amy.    That will make us great great Aunt and Uncle again.   Olivia is blasting thru PA school in Knoxville TN in top of the class fashion.   We even call her now and again for medical consults.  Chris and Vic bought a home in Chester NJ.   It’s surprisingly rural on a big piece of property including a pond.  They have a steady stream of deer visiting so you know it’s out there.  I’m guessing wild ducks will be visiting the pond when it thaws.  

On the potentially negative side, Barbara next door has put her place up for sale.  Since my garden is on her property, that could signal the end of the garden for me.   I took a chance that it wouldn’t sell quickly and went ahead with planting a fall – winter garden but not sure if it makes sense to move forward with a summer garden.  She says she tells all prospective buyers that it’s a package deal – comes with a share cropper neighbor – but…….   I personally think she has it priced too high to sell and she says she’s not lowering it so…………  I’ll have to make up my mind by the end of next month whether to plant a summer garden or just forget it.   Another low risk option is to plant the whole garden in corn.  I’ve not had much luck with corn before but if I do the whole garden in that crop, it will require very little attention and give me a little leverage dealing with a new neighbor.  

Be that as it may, I still spend a good deal of time with the garden.   We’ve had a fairly cold winter (so much for global warming) and had to completely  cover the garden 5 times.   Normally I have to do that once or twice.   Most times before a cold front moves in, it rains and gets windy so covering the 1200 SF garden in a gale is tricky going.   But I managed it and actually experienced not too much loss.   So entering March we’re harvesting a bonus crop.  The greens are doing exceptionally well.  That would include swiss chard, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and collards.   Plenty of lettuce, carrots, radishes and, this year, turnips.  This should continue thru April.   Normally I give away more than half of the crop to Nancy’s bridge ladies or her crochet group.   Since they’ve been shut down and my other customer at the Irish Pub in Palm coast closed also – I have an excess that can be overwhelming.   So we’ve tried many new recipes to deal with the surplus.   Two pasta recipes are great because they use a load of greens and are delicious – a cabbage pasta and a swiss chard pasta.   On the surface that may not sound that great but trust me, they’re incredible.    

Another plus during this boring period has been the quality of the spec fishing in the lake.   It’s been consistent enough that if Nancy wants fish for supper, I can go out and fill the order – usually in less than an hour.  March is usually a switch month where the fishing focus switches from spec’s to bass.   I’m ready.  I’m also ready to hit the surf again.  This is the start of bluefish season on Flagler Beach.

The last good thing from all this lockdown – we’ve had more communication with our kids than before.   We have almost daily conversations with all three.   Tom and Joey usually come up to the lake on the weekend to help around the house and take Nancy shopping.   I just can’t get my arms around shopping trips!!

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