The Garden is off and running

I’m designating August 15 as the official start of the fall garden.   I directly planted bush beans, 2 x 12′ rows;  pole beans, 2 x 8′ rows; carrots, 1 x 15′ row; cucumbers, 8 x mounds with 3 seeds in each mound; and zucchini squash (Dunja), 6 mounds with 3 seeds in each.   All in all that’s a lot of seeds but some of it is old seed and germination rates are unpredictable so I over plant and hope for the best.   It’s also a bit early and maybe too hot but I’ve got the seed so why not take the chance.  Worst thing is that I have to replant.  I also started some seeds in the house.  These are plants that simply couldn’t handle the outside conditions yet.  That would be tomatoes, green peppers, and herbs – parsley, Basel, and cilantro.   I’ve never grown cilantro so this is a special request from a neighbor.  I planted 4 different varieties of tomatoes – paste, cherry, and two regular round types.   I’ll have a handle on the success in about 10 days.   All the other winter stuff such as cabbage, kale, and broccoli won’t happen until mid September with cooler weather.

Had a fun day yesterday.   A couple days ago I broke a tooth.  The dentist had been predicting doom for this particular tooth for about 2 years and would have pulled it long ago.  It wasn’t bothering me so why go thru the pulling just for aesthetic reasons.   Anyway it broke a few days ago and was hanging on by a thread.  I toughed it out for a couple of days to see if I could get used to it or it would tighten itself back but that was not to be so I called and got an appointment for the next day.   He pulled the broken piece out without needing any tools – I knew that would be the case and had been tempted to pull it out myself  but he said the root had to come out too and it was a long one, well anchored.   He numbed it and pulled it out with a special gripping tool.   Lots of blood but no pain.   I’m supposed to keep gauze there until the bleeding stops.   All that was yesterday and I’ve had absolutely zero pain and haven’t bothered getting the pain med prescription filled.  It has continued to bleed but I’m sure it will eventually stop or I’ll just run dry.

This is Friday so I took Nancy to bridge an headed for the beach.   The tide was almost high so that’s good but the fish tables were saying fishing would be quite poor.   The tables were right plus there was some serious storm clouds with lots of rumbling so I shortened that part of the day.  After all these years, I’m starting to get a slightly favorable attitude towards those tables.



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