Starting Storm Prep

Friday was fun. Nancy came in first at the bridge club – second time this week – so she was in a good mood. We decided to retry the brewery in Ormond instead of Moonrise in Palm Coast, mainly based on the food truck we saw last time but didn’t get to try. This is a hard to find brewery, way in the middle of a warehouse with very small signage to get you there. I had a strawberry wheat beer and Nancy had the Ponce Blonde. We sat at the bar instead of a table and met some really interesting people on both sides of us. We were early for the food truck but decided to wait it out. Great decision. The menu was really interesting and we selected Jambalya egg rolls and a grilled cheese brisket sandwich. There were at least 10 items on the menu that sounded great so it was really a “throw at the dart board” selection process. No doubt we’ll be back.

The first of the newly planted seeds to pooch out were the cucumbers. I planted those on the 15th and they popped up on the 23rd. Interestingly, I planted two varieties and both germinated on the same day. Nothing to be seen from the beans, carrots, or squash. The tomatoes I planted inside started germinating on the 25th, less than a week. Nothing from the green peppers but those generally take 10 days to 2 weeks. On the 25th I planted herb seeds inside. That includes parsley, cilantro and Basil. Parsley takes almost 2 weeks whereas Basil is similar to tomatoes. No idea on the cilantro.

One more garden tidbit – I read in the local paper that you can grow swiss chard this time of year if you provide shade. It can handle the heat (supposedly). That’s counter to everything I knew and I normally don’t even consider planting seed until late fall. I have some seeds so I think I’ll go ahead and try.

We have a storm heading towards Florida and it’s already having an impact – the surf was really nasty – big, frequent waves with strong north to south currents. I didn’t bother even trying but went instead to my intracoastal alternate, Washington Oaks State Park. It’s a pleasant place to wile away the hour and occasionally catch a fish. Got a surprise this trip when I spotted a substantial gator cruising along just offshore. I often see manatee there and thought that was what I was seeing but in a few minutes it became obvious that it was an 8’ gator. I saw a family visiting the park with 3 or 4 little kids heading right toward the spot where the gator was lurking about 50’ from shore. I alerted them and they got to see it from a safe distance.

The other storm related tidbit is that a generator becomes a big part of the survival gear. I have one that’s been reliable but not used very often – a couple of times a year. With gasoline engines, it’s always hold your breath time when you crank it up after sitting dormant for a while. Not having a truck any more is also a concern if the generator needs service. I decided to try to start it before the storm and was pleasantly surprised when it started on the first pull. I have plenty of fuel on standby so I’m electrically ready. That probably means the storm will not impact us. If I had trouble with it, for sure the storm would head directly here.

One thought on “Starting Storm Prep

  1. They’re talking category 4. Keep your heads down.
    I’m going to have to smoke a brisket just to try that grilled cheese brisket sandwich.


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