Fishing Suprise

The lake is higher than it’s been in years and being mid August, we still have plenty of rain potential for the next 10 weeks. I’m slightly concerned as opposed to way concerned.

I have a very large pine tree that has/had several really big limbs that hung over the screen porch. The tree is quite healthy but we do get some severe storms and it’s well within the realm of expectations that the limbs would come down and destroy the screen. Barbara, next door, contracted with a tree service to go through her property and remove all the dangerous trees, limbs and brush. She was quoted an excellent price so I decided to bite the bullet and have them come over and do my tree so long as they were already here. They quoted what I considered a reasonable price so they started here and finished up in a couple of hours. I had them leave the branches on the driveway instead of carrying them away as they normally do because I had plans for the pine needles. That job has turned out to be a little harder job than I expected and will probably take a month of so to get it all cut up and moved. I’m fixing up the path to the lake and the area along the lake in front of the dock by laying down a thick layer of newspaper covered with palmetto fronds and then pine needles on top of that. This time of year I can only dedicate a couple hours a day to outside labor so this particular task is splitting my time between preparing for the fall/winter garden and the dock project. I’m booked solid “working in the dirt” until the end of September for sure.

I’ve been making good progress on the garden and as of today, have weeded 100% and tilled about 20%. Both compost piles are fully loaded with weeds. To scope it, the garden area weeded and tilled is 1200 SF, about 30’x40’ and the compost piles are each about 120 CF, 6’x8’x3’high. I’ll turn the compost piles weekly and it all should be ready for transfer to the garden by mid October, weather depending. My plan is to start some fall plants in the next week; probably a few tomato plants, green peppers and cucumbers. I’m also going to plant a row or two of carrots – much earlier than usual but some seed I planted as an experiment in May did ok. Meaning the heat didn’t seem to bother them.

Had an interesting trip to the beach. I was going to be fishing mid tide, falling and right on a “Solunar minor”. There are, major and minor feeding periods and according to the theory fishing is best two hours on either side of a major and 1 hour on either side of a minor. As described in earlier posts, the fishing has been exceptional so I was anticipating a lessor day. Whoa, got a bite within the first 5 minutes and it stayed steady that way for the couple of hours I fished. All little whiting. Then I got a bite, set the hook and was met by really solid resistance. Enough that I knew it was something substantial. It didn’t move much so I’m thinking big shark who didn’t know he was hooked yet. Then it came loose and I reeled in, disappointed but still excited. When I got it in, there was a complete fishing rig tangled up in mine – pyramid sinker, hooks, swivels etc. I have lost several similar rigs so this was giving me back one. I cast again and 5 minutes later was reeling in again with something extra on the line. Now I cast about 250’ so that’s a lot of reel cranking and it gets tiring after a few casts. Another rig tangled in mine. It was technically different but still had a pyramid weight, swivels and snaps. On both rigs the hooks were broken off. So for the day I netted half a dozen whiting and two rigs. What are the odds that two successive casts about 250’ from shore would yield a rig?

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