Egg plants or sunflowers?

I pulled off the greatest magic trick ever. Turned eggplant into sunflowers. I guess it’s remotely possible that I mixed up the seeds but how likely is that? I guess it’s also possible that I’m growing eggplants that are 6’ tall. Time will tell.

Another lake water rescue. The same girls that lost control of their pontoon boat a few weeks ago did it again. I just happened to be sitting at the computer and looked up at the lake and saw the boat drifting by. We had just experienced a brief rain and wind event and I guess they lost control. I watched for a few minutes to see if they figured out anything and then walked down to the dock and yelled over to see if they needed any help. They did so I dropped the jon boat into the lake, powered over to them and attached a line. The wind had calmed so it wasn’t too difficult go get them back to their dock. They seem not to understand the concept of charging their battery. Their mother was paddling a kayak out to help but not sure what she could have done. “Thanks again Mr. Joe for rescuing my daughters.”

We tried a new brewery (to us) in Ormond on Friday after bridge and after our regular trip to Moonrise Brewery. It’s called, not surprisingly, the Ormond Beach Brewery. It was located in a warehouse park and difficult to find but we persevered and finally found the door. It has a nice outdoor beer garden and was rockin’ and rollin’ when we got there. I liked it, especially the strawberry wheat beer, but my bride was not as enthused. We left just as a band was cranking up – knowing it would be hard on the ears. Moonrise is a bit more “intimate” and Nancy has found an oatmeal brew she likes. We tried the nacho’s there – really good if a bit spicy for Nance.

We had a great Saturday. I hooked up with Tom and we fished the Tomoka River. He’d been fishing it for the past couple of weeks with great success so we broke one of my cardinal rules and went fishing on a Saturday. It was fine – not much river traffic and great fishing. The Tomoka is fun because it connects to the intracoastal – salt water – but goes far enough West to change over to fresh water. So we catch both salt water and freshwater fish. We caught largemouth bass and snook this time and saw a few rolling tarpon. Nothing too big but plenty of action. We also had a manatee encounter with one literally bumping the boat – that’s alway exciting. While we were doing our thing, Joey came up to the lake and took Nancy shopping in the Daytona area. While here, he mowed the yard – saving me from doing it in the current heat wave. Got the dock ladder finished and Joey helped me get it back in the lake. Gave it a small trial by stepping down a few steps -seemed very sturdy and party ready.

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