Dock all ready for action

On a roll. I went to Home Depot and found a 10’ x 5/8z’ threaded iron rod which I plan to use on the dock ladder repair. I managed to cut off a 3’ length – manually with a hack saw in the store – but didn’t have the energy to cut two more pieces. Got the correct nuts and washers while I was at it. I had the correct drill bit to drill thru the ladder legs and then inserted the rod. Perfect. Well almost. The hole I drilled was not quite straight and also it knocked out a piece of the ladder so I had to fashion a brace from a piece of decking and drill another hole to straighten it all out. Perfect. Nobody would spot this as an amateur job – unless they looked closely. Now I’m going to wait for my neighbor Andrew to get back and have him cut the threaded rod for two more spans.

But wait, there’s more. I noted a few weeks back that the pump on the dock was not working. I need that to work when cleaning fish and now with my new dock landscaping, to water the plants. I hadn’t used it in quite a long time – maybe as long as a year but for sure 6 months. Water pumps are one of those things that you should run every once in a while just to keep it from locking up. I decided to try a little easy Carbone repair first – opened the fill hole for priming it and banging on the chassis with a hammer to loosen things up. Didn’t work at first. Exercised the pressure valve by opening and closing the main outlet valve while flipping the power on and off at the same time. As if by magic, it started working. I ran it for about 10 minutes and it performed flawlessly so I’m calling it a fix.

Update – got the threaded rod cut and put the whole thing together. Perfect. I know it’s stronger than the original. I still don’t have it in the lake because it’s too heavy for me to deal with by myself. Probably this weekend if one of the boys shows up.

I don’t remember it ever being hotter in Fla than it has been the last couple of days. It’s not only hot but dry. Relative humidity yesterday was 30%. It felt like July in Salt Lake. Personally I prefer it hot and muggy.

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