Loss of a good friend

I painted the top of the old picnic bench. Nancy wanted it red, I wanted it white so we compromised and made it red. That side area on the dock had really gotten heavy with mold but I never paid much attention to it. That’s the area that Simon popped through last month and where Johnny did the repairs so a part of it looked new while the majority was ugly. I decided to try to correct that by first taking a paint/grill scraper to attack the really heavy mold and following up with an anti-fungal spray, Wet and Forget. I’ve used that stuff for years and it does work and requires a minimum of physical labor. You just mix it with water in a spray bottle and dose it. That’s it. The mold/mildew dies off gradually as opposed to overnight so you just have to have patience with it. That’s my strong suit so I’ll go sit on the dock everyday and look in on it. If nothing happens in a month or so, I’ll try bleach. I’m debating with myself whether to paint/stain the area when the mold is gone.

The awning guy came by and installed the recovered units – good as new. There not exactly the same color but close enough.

The report is in and May was the hottest/driest May on record for Florida. I didn’t remember ever having it like this and the published numbers agree. But it finally broke early in June and the rains came down. We’ve had several storms blow through in the past week that dropped 2+” of rain. So now the upper 90’s have dropped back to the lower 90’s and the humidity has gone from 30% back up to 80% where it’s supposed to be. I notice it dramatically in the lake where the level was dropping quickly but starting rising again last week. The forecast is for more rain all this week.

If I buy a genuine Hawaii’n pineapple, cut the top off, replant it in Florida – is the resulting fruit a Florida pineapple or a Hawaii’n?

We attended a memorial service for an old friend yesterday. We met the Sloboda’s back in the late ’60’s when we lived in Altamonte Springs. Bob was 88 and succumbed to lung cancer. He was a Marine so was accorded a military service and the playing of Taps. Very moving. Bob loved the lake and was up here for a few events so we’re going to plan to throw one with Dottie and their kids – all of whom live in Florida.

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