Bird Attacks

I think I mentioned some time back that we had a problem with cardinals attacking the side view mirrors on any car that parked near our house. Nancy solved the problem by making mirror covers. Only the vehicles that were parked near the house were subjected to the bombings- no problem if parked under the carport. Now with only two cars, they are both normally parked in the carport but the problem has recurred although I don’t think it’s necessarily the same culprits. The size of the deposits lead me to believe they are buzzards or bald eagles. The ones last year clearly perched on the mirror so the mess was limited to the mirror surface itself. These guys target the whole side of the car with none attacking the mirror per se. I’m going to try hanging a towel over the drivers side window and see if that solves the problem.

By the end of the month we’ll be getting a goodly crop from the garden. We’ll be able to pick some kale leaves, chard leaves, lettuce, green beans and zucchini. A few green tomatoes and green bell peppers are visible and probably ready to start picking in December. Ditto the Chinese cabbage, collard greens, and spinach. By the end of December we’ll be providing greens to Nancy’s bridge buddies in Crescent City and Palm Coast. All of this assumes no crazy weather events.

But what about the sweet potatoes? A couple weeks back I reported digging up a foot or so of the 15’x3’ row and finding several immature tubers. I pulled enough that we threw them on the grill and they were certainly edible but decided to give the plants another couple of weeks. I decided to extend the digging/picking another foot on the row. In that foot I pulled about 10 potatoes that were still small but more than double the size of those last picked. My original thought was to pick the entire row when they were the right size but I’ve rethought that and decided to harvest them on a weekly basis, about a foot of the row each time. Should be that as I work my way down the row, the tubers will get bigger with each subsequent pull and the harvest will extend for a couple of months. I’m also thinking that I’ll buy a bag of onion sets and plant them in the row as the potatoes are pulled. That way they’ll mature on an extended time basis rather than all at once.

Here in Florida were trying to decide whether the election screw ups are due to incompetence or corruption. Personally I think it’s a bit of both – especially since we’ve seen the same problems before in the same places and with the same cast of characters. Personally I think we should restrict voting to only those who have lived here legally for 5 years minimum. Also keep all the amendments off the general election ballot and deal with them in a separate election. Most of them are nearly unreadable and confuse a large number of voters, especially those with a limited command of the English Language. They also make the ballots larger so the equipment is having to deal with a document size ballot instead of a simple, one page sheet or card. I think that would eliminate lots of machine failures.

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