First Smoothie of the Season

It’s crazy cold. Believe it or not, it’s 48 degrees and not even Thanksgiving yet. It’s nice and sunny but with a 20 mph wind from the north, it’s biting. I start to get nervous and jerky when it falls below 70 – especially during the daylight.

Chris is all moved into his new digs in Jersey. The move went like clockwork. He’s close to where he lived before so it’s all familiar. He got back from a conference in Miami, a few hours late, into the great snow disaster and drove over to see if his apt was ready for the furniture to be delivered first thing in the morning. Good to go and by 10 AM it was all delivered and fully functional. Then he got his car – a Jeep Cherokee for now which turns into a new Chevy Equinox in a month or so.

Milestone – made the first green smoothie of the season. The kale provided the “green”. The plants are now big enough to provide leaves for the rest of the season even if none of the other plants come through. By the end of the month I’ll be able to make the same statement relative to Swiss Chard. And the green beans are coming in goodly quantity so we can have them whenever we want. In addition to the ones we’re eating, I have a 3 pound bagful that is designated for a green bean – cranberry salad at Thanksgiving. I’m guessing there’d be enough for a green bean casserole as well but that would be a bit much. UPDATE – the green bean salad is made and ready for the big event tomorrow. It includes chopped walnuts and dried cranberries and a vinegar/oil based dressing. You can tell, I’m very invested in this salad since I’ve been with these beans from seed to salad. In parallel with making the salad, I’m making the whole berry cranberry sauce. I didn’t grow the cranberries but added a few pieces of back yard tangerine for the home touch – all this while Nancy is playing bridge in Crescent City.

Awhile back I mentioned Fish Bites as my new bait of choice for the surf. This week the surf was so roiled that I decided to take my act across the street to the Intracoastal. My rig has two smallish hooks and I decided to populate them with crab and clam for starts. There are loads of crabs in that particular body of water so I suspected that could work. Turns out that the clams were the ticket. As soon as I cast out into the channel, I’d get bites on the clam but nothing on the crab. I tried shrimp and sand fleas but the preferred bite was unquestionably clams.

Did my first “fixit” job since George passed. The wheel on the wheel barrel crashed and needed replacement. Seems simple enough but getting the old one off was trickier than I thought. Then the replacement tire was not quite the same size so I had to modify the shaft and cut the spacers to fit with my totally inadequate tools – so it looks a little weird but works. George is shaking his head and laughing.

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