Nancy started a routine of acupuncture to try to soothe her aching back and sciatic. She hit’s it twice a week, Monday’s and Fridays, for a total of 6 treatments. How lucky for us that it is only about half a mile from her bridge games which also just happen to be on Mondays and Fridays. Monday is also now grocery shopping day. We have transitioned smoothly into a routine where I do the grocery shopping from a list on Monday while Nancy plays bridge. Grocery shopping was about our most contentious time with me being of the get it done and over school and Nancy being a browser, shopping for deals. I’m actually getting to where I know where things are in the Palm Coast store and can be in and out in under 20 minutes with no deli purchases or 30 minutes with. So my Monday’s are getting tight – acupuncture, Dunkin’ for lunch, surf fishing, Hooligans for a mid afternoon libation, Public for groceries, the library for posting the blog and returning and/or picking up new books, to the bridge club and then home to the lake. The big time variable is the surf fishing which is hard to predict due to surf conditions and the fish bite.

Sure glad to be back on Standard Time and hope they keep it this way year round. I’m a morning person and like to be out and about by 7AM, especially in the summer when it’s hot, hot, hot. With daylight savings time, it’s too dark to be out much before 8 so I’ve lost my most productive time. I don’t care when it get’s dark because by 6PM we’re pretty much locked into eating and then watching the tube. Who cares if it’s dark out.

I’m about 10 books into a series that was recommended to me on our North Carolina vacation in July. The surprise was that the recommender is Peggy, Mark’s mother – “little old lady, mid 80’s so I thought the books would not be something of interest to me and didn’t pursue it. But I was at the library a few weeks ago just scanning the shelves when I spotted a full row of C. J. Box books and recalled this was the author Peggy had raved about. I read the cover and was surprised to find out that the main character was a game warden in Wyoming and the story was interwoven with Wyoming locales and characters. I was lucky that the first book in the series just happened to be on the shelf so I decided to try it. Very fast read, very interesting action with lots of local lore; great characters, blood and guts and all the things I like. I’ve tried to read them in chronological order which is not always possible with the library as the source. Even using both the Volusia County and Flagler County systems, I have a couple of gaps. The stories do reflect back on previous events and characters so it helps to be in the right sequence. And it fits my Monday schedule detailed above. I know exactly where the Box books are and can be in and out with a new one in under 5 minutes if need be.

Next post will discuss the fla elections.

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