Finally back

Sorry this blog update took so long. My old macbook finally ran out of gas. I couldn’t get online at the Flagler Library, my update venue. Update – not the computer, the internet at the library was screwed up.

Went to the doc for a routine annual follow up and learned that my iron blood count was back to normal after dropping as a result of the hematoma developed from a fall in North Carolina. I had a huge hematoma which turned by backside black and blue from my waist to my knee – Really ugly and enough blood involved (internally) to drop me into anemia. Eventually the iron in the bruise blood is reabsorbed. That took about 2 months enhanced by taking iron pills.

100% of what’s grown in the garden is used – even weeds. It’s either eaten or composted. This year the wet spring and hot summer yielded the largest crop of weeds ever and consequently I have the most compost for the fall garden ever. I’ve been using it as needed and still have what I estimate to be 2 cubic yards of first class compost. I bet the whole garden will be raised up a couple of inches as the new compost is added. Aside from just being a much better growing medium, raising the level makes the garden less susceptible to flooding – better drainage. That’s important with this garden because the lake sets the groundwater level and I like to have at least a foot of soil above that.

I mentioned that I had started my winter veggies indoors using last year’s seed. Here’s an interesting bit of trivia. Chinese cabbage seed germinated in 3 days, some kale in 4 days. That’s faster than I remembered. The cauliflower and collards were a day behind but still, they were all really fast. I decided to jump ahead of my original planting schedule – just impatient, no new input – and put in a few short rows of spinach seed. I favor an heirloom variety, Bloomsdale. Deep down inside I feel it’s a few weeks early but I have plenty of seed and who knows, it may be cool enough if it holds under 90 for a couple of weeks. If that seed germinates and looks healthy, I’ll follow up with some lettuce and get our salad material started. Both spinach and lettuce are very fast crops – ready to start picking as soon as 35 days after germination. So in a perfect world we’ll be eating “garden” fresh salads by the beginning of November – a month earlier than I usually plan

Lost my cousin Billy this week. We were best buddies when we were kids. We both loved exploring, fishing, diving, camping – anything with a large outdoor component. We got into lots of “trouble” by disappearing – long walks in the woods, on the beach – you name it. I’ll miss him a lot. Not that we saw each other often but I thought about our exploits frequently and I’ll continue to do so.

Another loss – both the NY Times and the Washington post have morphed into the National Inquirer. I always knew they were way too liberal for me but thought they had journalistic integrity. Not now.

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