Sweat Test

Working in the garden is really, really hot, sweaty work this time of the year. I go out fully ready to tackle the tasks at hand and come in 2 hours later totally wrung out, drippy wet with sweat. I did an experiment. I weighed myself just before heading over to the garden and then again about 2 hours later when I was done for the morning. I was 2.5 pounds lighter which has to be 100% water loss. FYI, 2.5 cups of water = 2.5 pounds. So now I’m starting to get it on the dehydration front. To make sure, I repeated the experiment on Friday with the exact same results. When I’m working like that, I’ll get a little light headed but didn’t link that to water loss -but I bet that’s the cause.

Not happy with the germination of the beans so I used all the left over seeds from the original pack to fill in the gaps. I’m used to that when I use seed I’ve had for a couple of years but this was newly purchased so it must have been in the system for a couple of years before it ended up in my shopping cart. Most seed packs have a use by date but this particular information was missing on these seeds. Suspicious. But I started the gardening in earnest by making the first transfers from my started seedlings to the garden. My first planting was two Early Blue Ribbon tomatoes, two Dixie Red tomatoes, -both varieties I’ve never grown before – two Skyway’s which I have grown and three Declaration green bell peppers, an old standbye. I also planted seeds for 4 greyzini zucchini plants. The four tomatoes are part of a set that includes 4 more varieties and a total of 16 plants, a couple of paste tomatoes and a couple Cherrys. I planted the first ones very carefully and I’ll watch them for a couple of days to make sure it’s ok before planting the remainder.

I started the seeds for the full winter garden 9/16. That includes the cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and collards. I was out of broccoli and chard seed and expect delivery on those this week. I start these indoors in peat pots with a target of late October, early November for transplanting to the garden. I’ll squeeze a few lettuce and spinach plants as weather and space allow. If you can keep track of it all, it means a very full garden from November thru December when both the fall and winter plants are sharing the garden space.

Nancy and her quilt buddy did a quilt shop tour in west central Florida – over in the Tampa area. They left first thing Thursday morning and back at supper time on Friday. I can’t figure why Nancy likes going to quilt shops when she really can’t see the material – but she does.

It’s nice to be watching the hurricane season developing without being directly in the path of something. I think our Carolina friends and family are far enough inland to be spared the worst of it. I imagine they’ll lose power for a short time but no flooding or wind related problems. Fingers crossed.

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