Truck’s History

Nancy’s orthopod set her up for some shots to relieve her back pain. They said there was no fundamental underlying bone issues but rather pinched nerves. I was surprised when they set an appointment to get the shot at 6:00 AM at a surgical center in Orange City – about 45 minutes away. I figured the doctor probably lived there and stopped by first thing in the morning before going to his Deland office and that surely she would be the first patient. So I was surprised when we opened the door to the office and found a full waiting room and learned that there were 4 doctors there performing procedures. She got her shots, 4 numbing shots and 2 serious shots and we were out of there about 8AM.

Decided to simplify our vehicle situation even further. Last month we got rid of our old Camry and replaced it with a new Buick which still left us with 3 vehicles and 1 driver. The ’96 truck was getting very few miles which is worse on the vehicle than getting too many miles. The engine occasionally made some funny noise, the brakes squeaked, and it started missing and steering funny. Last time it exhibited those same symptoms – about a year ago- it cost $400 to bring it back to life. I came close to donating it at that time. I love the truck and had some truly memorable camping and fishing trips with the kids, friends, and family but that was a different time and donating it to the Kidney Foundation seemed a fitting end. We donated our old Buick Park Avenue to the Lung Foundation back in the 90’s so now we’re a multi organ donor. The first person we told about the transaction was little Tommy. He was with me when I went shopping for a truck and agreed with the choice. A few weeks later I bought the camper which was located in the Sacramento area and we drove out together, picked it up at the factory, and then camped our way back to Salt Lake. He (and Simon) was with us when the truck crossed the 100K mile point near Heber Utah along the Jordanelle Reservoir. We stopped, did a little dance around the truck then finished up with shakes at Granny’s. Lot’s and lot’s of memories for the three of us.

Lots and lots of seedlings in the house waiting for a break in the heat. I have 50+ seedlings including cauliflower, broccoli, kale, cabbage, cabbage, and collards. This is more than enough seedlings to fill the garden open spaces. Looking at this backlog, I decided to dig around in the sweet potato patch to see how far along those were. Hopefully they’ll be ready for harvest soon. But, I dug around the edges and found a tuber that was way too small. At least there was a tuber but I’ll just let them go another two weeks before checking again. They were advertised as “white” sweet potatoes and sure enough, they are really light skinned.

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