Celery time

Since the garden is nearly done, you’d think I have more time on my hands but cleaning up and getting it ready for the fall season is a major effort. Pulling all the residual plants and weeds is a big job and the main source of material for the compost piles. I usually get 2-3 hours in before noon and totally wearing out. It’s a load for Nancy too because I go through 2 sets of clothes each day. But it’s about done and I’ve actually planted the first seeds for a new start. According to a new book Tom got me, I should be able to plant celery now. I have my doubts but I have plenty of space and a couple packets of seed so nothing to lose. I’ve grown celery before with mixed results but I’m going to do this crop by the book.

The other reason I wanted to try the celery was that the author suggested that home garden celery should be treated as a cutting crop – which means cut the outer stalks when you need celery rather than cutting the whole plant. New stalks originate in the center of the plant which will just keep producing. Meaning you can get plenty of celery with only a few plants. The other suggestion that I’m going to try is to buy celery at the grocery store, slice off all the stalks to eat and then plant the root end in the garden where (supposedly) it will root and start putting out new stalks. I never heard of doing that but it’s sure easy to try (and it does work with pineapples). The other tidbit I picked up was that it’s impossible to overwater. Celery needs lots of water and I’m fairly sure I wasn’t aware of that. on my previous crops. With the heavy rains we’ve had, the side of the garden closest to the lake is really wet – too wet right now to grow most anything – so that’s exactly where the celery is headed.

We made another batch of eggplant Parm – the first go round was so good, it needed a repeat batch and I just happened to have two ripe medium size eggplants ready to pick. We set up a real production line. I peel and slice the eggplant (in this case two medium size eggplants); Nancy dips the slices in egg and bread crumbs, I fry them and Nancy does the assembly work – adding cheeses and (our home made) sauce. We made two casseroles, each oven ready for a party of 4 (or 2 with leftovers). One of the two will be frozen for future use.

Nancy didn’t have a fun week with an iron infusion and B-12 shot on Thursday and the eye needle on Friday. The infusions and B12 shots are a weekly event; the eye shots every 8 weeks. Starting to get hard to find blank spots on the calendar.

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