I Can See

We were surprised today to see our picture in the Deland Beacon – the local newspaper. It was taken when we were watching the Stetson baseball game in Persimmon Hollow. We were in a group but right up front and very recognizable. The photographer is a larger than life personality very well known around Deland. She’s a very large lady and totally deaf so she doesn’t speak but makes lots of strange noises and is a very boisterous Stetson supporter. At first I thought she was mentally disabled but Nancy knew her from a quilting event and explained that she was deaf.

Up until the beginning of June our Monday routine was firmly anchored in taking Nancy to Palm Coast for a bridge game. I fished, read, hit a brewery or basically anything that seemed right for the moment. Then her bridge partner ran into problems and was forced to relocate – to Wisconsin or some other bad place. Because of her vision issues, there were no other members eager to jump in and rescue Nancy so the era of Monday bridge was ended. Timing wise it worked out just fine because it freed us up on Monday during the period that Wilma was having all her medical problems. And we found a new place to eat, High Jackers, which was conveniently located less than a mile from the hospital. It was at the Flagler County airport and was my kind of watering hole with an added attraction – spicy peel and eat boiled shrimp on special Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. The special is a pound of really nice shrimp for $10. And a draft brew was $2. So we simply adjusted our schedule to visit Wilma on Wed or Thurs. But wait, on Monday the bridge club called and asked Nancy to please come back on Mondays and she agreed. It’s 100 mile round trip to Palm Coast so I don’t want to go over there twice a week. And I could never pay $16 for shrimp when I know they will be $10 in two days. So you see the trap.

I had my annual eye exam and was fairly sure it would focus on my cataracts. Last year the doc said that they’d most likely need action this year. To me, my sight was ok – not perfect but not really bad and I had somehow managed to pass the drivers test a couple of weeks back. The results of this year’s exam showed things were fairly well stable, that I don’t need glasses other than drug store readers, and that the cataracts could go another year or so before doing anything. I was fully prepared to tell the doc that I didn’t want any cataract surgery but the test results supported my position.

Checked out the lake for swimming and found the temp to be perfect – probably in the upper 80’s. I’ve been working in the garden and/or the jungle for a couple of hours each day – until I’m totally wiped out and dripping. Based on the temp test, from now on I’ll end the hard work with a cooling dip in the lake.

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