Getting Back to Normal

We’ve about recovered from last week’s testing. The freezers are straightened out and the one gallon water jugs filled and back in the freezer (to prepare for the next emergency). Living out in the woods, we are nominally prepared for periodic power losses and having a few days of ice on standby is an important element. The new fridge is fine, just like the old one with better internal lighting. The ice maker has been able to keep up with the need for ice for Nancy’s knee. Which, by the way, passed the one week follow up appointment. The doc said the tear was worse than he thought but she’s healing well and quite able to support her weight and walk without any assistance. I suspect all the activity of last week with Wilma actually helped the knee.

Wilma finally had an endoscopy Tuesday afternoon so our trip to the hospital was supposed to end with her being discharged and back home. But the doc’s decided she needed another day of recovery. The scope showed gastritis and a bleeding ulcer were the cause of the blood loss. I assume the bleeding had stopped since her blood had built up to 9.5 and the treatment was Nexium which heals such maladies. They called at noon on Wednesday and told us she was to be discharged so we headed over to the coast to get her back to her apartment and alert her “caregiver” that we were officially out of the loop. I think we hurt their feelings when we went around them on Saturday and took her directly to the emergency room but…………… I had a long talk with the “independent care giver” to find out why the admission process was so confused. Turns out that the caregivers are contracted by Wilma’s daughter in Atlanta and that Wilma is one of several customers living in Las Palmas. Their job is to check on her daily and make sure she’s taking her meds and is generally in good health. The caregiver can’t make the call to take her to the hospital. The process is for them to call the daughter and take direction from her but (according to the caregiver) she tells them to do whatever her mother (Wilma) wants. The problem with that is obvious – she may not be able to make the decision or she makes the wrong decision as in this case when she decided to hold off going to the hospital until after Memorial Day. When we jumped in and took her to the hospital we short circuited the system. The other big problem with Wilma’s arrangement is that she is seriously hard of hearing so when the hospital staff tries to communicate with her directly, she simply can’t hear them but rather than saying that, she answers questions incorrectly because she can’t understand what they’re saying. I really don’t know how the whole process would have worked if we hadn’t been there. Over the several days since her admission, several hospital staff personnel went out of their way to thank us for being there and helping.

We made the first batch of pasta sauce for this season. It’s 90% cherry tomato based which puts a little bite to the sauce. Love it. The first batch is 16 quarts so we’re off to a good start. That’s good because I’m thinking the total crop will not be so great with all the rain we’ve had. There are also a few eggplants on the bushes so I see a totally home grown eggplant parmigiana in the near future.

Had a great time today – Saturday. Nancy had a hair appointment at 3PM. Since her hair person is only a couple blocks from Persimmon Hollow we decided to wrap it all up. We had bought a small block of nice cheese, some thin sliced hard salami, and good crackers so we packaged that up in a small insulated lunch bag and combined with a small cutting board, a knife, paper plates, napkins and toothpicks. You see it. That plus a couple of fine craft brews just hit the spot. It just so happened that there is an NCAA regional baseball tourney going on here with Stetson making it to the regional finals and Persimmon Hollow becoming the unofficial tourney watering hole so the place was jammed and rocking. Some people let us share their table and we thanked them by shared our snack so it was a fun event. I think next time we’re

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