Lot’s Going On

This has been a busy, busy week. The best news is that Nancy has been recovering from the knee surgery with a good level of mobility and modest pain levels – manageable with a tylenol now and then. The level of mobility has proved to be important. Aside from the knee issue, we were dealing with losing the fridge from Wed to Sunday, requiring a nominally constant ice crisis – trying to save all refrigerated items by shuffling ice between our 2 stand alone freezers and the inoperative fridge. So we were in full, 1900, ice box mode for 4 days. Tom jumped into the breech by coming over to help get Nancy to the surgery (on Friday) and ice for the fridge crisis. I think we could have managed without him but it was starting to stack up and it was sure nice to have the help.

On Friday night we got a call from Nancy’s 93 year old bridge friend in Palm Coast saying that she thought she should be going to the hospital on Saturday. We drove over Saturday morning and were surprised to find her in bed in a seriously weakened condition, having trouble even breathing but telling us of her decision to wait until Tuesday to go to the hospital. We told her that wasn’t an option and got her up, in her walker/chair, packed whatever we thought she needed and headed for the emergency room at Flagler Hospital. That’s about 5 minutes away so we had her in examination in about that many minutes. It took the doc about 5 minutes to say she needed to be admitted and immediate care. A quick blood test showed her hemoglobin at 6.0 compared to an expected 12. So she was seriously anemic and in need of blood transfusions. Her blood pressure was 50/33 and her pulse was 35. She has an existing heart condition and had visited her cardiolist just the week before and had scheduled all the same stress tests I had last week for mid June. She has no relatives in Florida and we’re her closest friends so it all dropped on our shoulders. While she was “out of it” we met with a barrage of doctors and hospital workers all needing to fill out paperwork. Not sure how they would have dealt with it all had we not been there. Her blood level was so low and her heart numbers so weak that they couldn’t just give her a “fill-up” Too much blood in her condition would have more than her heart could handle so it had to be done very slowly. When we left she was stable with a transfusion happening.

We had a refrigerator delivery scheduled for Sunday AM and needed to get all the stuff in the “ice box” into short term coolers and disconnect the old fridge to make room for the new one. And certainly we needed to be back at the hospital early. Tom and Tina could see our dilemma and volunteered to come to the lake Sunday morning to deal with the refrigerator and also prepare dinner for us when we came back from the hospital. Oh yeah, the weather folks had forecast a heavy duty rain for all day Sunday so that was going to add to the job of switching out the refrigerator. Our luck turned and the delivery happened earlier than expected and between rain storms. Tom got the ice maker connected and we were ready to head to the hospital before noon.

We were amazed at how well Wilma had recovered over night. She was bright and eating a beautiful lunch. Her blood had recovered from 6 to 7.9 which is still seriously anemic but way better. I asked the doctor why they had stopped adding blood and he said her heart couldn’t handle more. So they had changed her heart meds to get her rate up where they could continue adding more. They scheduled an endoscopy for today (Monday) because they think she was bleeding in her stomach and they planned to cauterize those leaks. It didn’t make sense to keep filling her with blood if they hadn’t solved the loss problem. So we left the hospital on a high note late Sunday afternoon and came home to a fully functioning fridge and a great meal of smoked chicken and sides – compliments of Tom and Tina.

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