Lot’s Going On

I’ve never seen anything like the fire ants this season. Overnight they build very large mounds that you would think were weeks in the construction. I poison the mound which is supposed to cause the mound to collapse, killing all the ants and the queen – and it does but overnight a new one (or two) will spring up a couple feet away. We’ve been much wetter than usual since early May so this must somehow be connected. I’m using a different insecticide than I have in the past but it’s certainly a big brand and well known. If I don’t start seeing success in a few days, I’ll go back to the Amdro. Maybe these ants are a new super species that chew up the insecticides and spit out new mounds.

June is my month. Had a great birthday party at a German place in Sanford- they have a grapefruit flavored beer that I’m particularly attached to. Denis and Judy (Spelman) visited and was able to join the family at Hidden Treasures for a great fathers day. Johnny and Brian and his family plus some friends from Cocoa joined us. I think the total head count was 15. Tom got me the most unanticipated father’s day gifts – the worlds greatest ladder and an imitation Iguana. The ladder is most useful because each side is independently adjustable making it able to work on hills, on steps, around corners while holding very stable – which is a big deal for me. It’s a 6 foot step ladder that can be expanded to a 12’ step ladder or a 20’ extension ladder. Very nice for cleaning the gutters which is tricky because along one side of the house the legs are on the lawn and the other is at a higher level on the concrete deck. The other thing was an imitation iguana. We had read that putting a fake iguana or snake in the garden, it would scare of the birds. I located it in the garden where I have the most bird activity and it seemed to work. But yesterday I went to the garden to pick some tomatoes and forgot it was there until I came within a couple of feet and glanced down. Scared the hell out of me for a few seconds and then I busted out laughing.

Garden pretty much done. Picking the last of the tomatoes and making the season’s ending batch of sauce. There was a beautiful ripe eggplant patiently waiting to become parmigiana. done – in fact it’s cooking as I write this.

Exciting day. Took Nancy to the hemotologist which is normally a one hour event. They keep the office too cool for me so I usually go outside, sit on a bench, and read a book. I was doing that when a large crash occurred at the turn in for the doctors office. I was maybe 75’ away and saw this large truck crash into a small car. The car had crossed in front of the truck and ended off the road up onto the sidewalk. I rushed over to see what had happened and saw the car was driven by an elderly lady. She looked fine and I opened the car door to get to her. I asked her if she was ok, planning to get her out of the car if I could. About that time a nurse from the doctor’s office came on the scene and an emergency vehicle arrived so I backed off and let the pro’s handle it. She was totally coherent and didn’t seem to have any obvious external physical issues.

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