Some Progress

The IT dept fixed one of my problems. I can now create the input on the mini and transport it to the laptop via thumb drive. The problem had to do with a difference in versions of the word processing software between the mini and the laptop. The other problem is still elusive – the ability to actually publish over the internet using my hotspot and the mini. I can publish over the internet using my hotpot and the laptop but not the mini. And I always could so something has changed. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you “upgrade” to the latest version.

The latest cold snap has ended and we had freeze warnings for a couple of days, including hard freeze notices as well. This is the second front to move through in January. The first wave cost me the basel, most of the tomato plants, hit the peppers fairly hard but left everything else in good shape. This second hit was much colder – actually had ice on a bucket of water on the porch but I did an even better job of covering up so no visual damage. The peppers, which I double wrapped, look ok but no blossoms – so the jury’s still out on those. The pineapples are not gone but looking a bit sickly. I’m mentally writing those off.

Trying three new cauliflower recipes based on the fact that we are having a bumper crop. One is a salad called fully loaded cauliflower salad. It’s basically the same as the broccoli salad recipe we love except you replace the raw broccoli with roasted cauliflower. The other is more of a potato salad replacement. The third recipe exchanges the mac in mac and cheese with cauliflower. They all sound good on paper. Last week was roasted cauliflower soup which we’ve had in the past – a good cold weather soup.

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