Try, Try Again

Not sure what’s going on with my ability to publish the blog but for whatever reason, I’m not able to post on the Mac Mini but can on the laptop. I’ve always been able to use either. I’ve also always been able to create the draft on the mini and then transport that to the laptop using USB thumb drives. Now, for some reason, that’s not working. This will post because I’m creating and publishing on the laptop. The IT dept is stumped too.

So I’m way behind but can catch up quickly by saying that we’ve had way more rain than usual; that it’s been colder than usual; and that the garden is thriving and producing some of the nicest greens, broccoli, and cauliflower ever. According to the weather folks we were supposed to get close to the mid 20’s overnight, which is hard freeze, killing freeze territory. I did my best at covering the garden and expect that to be 90% effective. The only reason it’s not 100% is that these fronts come in with alot of wind and the covers do not always stay in place. This one surprised me. I woke up about 6AM and checked the temp. According to my thermometer it was 33. I’m always suspicious of the accuracy of the thermometer so I checked the bucket of water sitting outside and saw that there was no ice on the surface. Great, dodged a bullet. I checked again about 9AM to see how much it had warmed up but saw the thermometer was now 31. Check the water – frozen over. So much for the theory that it would warm up as the sun rises. I ran over to the garden and re-covered those areas where the covers had blown off. We’ll see!! I’m expecting almost 100% recovery since the stuff remaining in the garden is fairly cold tolerant. I double wrapped the pepper plants and the one remaining tomato plant but suspect they are goners. That’s ok because it’s time to break out the tomato and pepper seeds for spring planting anyway.

Not sure if I posted that our stove crashed and we bought a new one. It’s working like a world champ and Nancy is able to work all the controls. The first thing I tried was baking a green tomato cake using the tomatoes I picked before the freeze last week. The new oven did it’s job but the cake just wasn’t edible. I made it so I probably screwed up something. It never really firmed up and it was way, way to sugary for me.

Dallas is not in the cards for Chris. They explained choosing the other candidate as a native Dallasian who knew that market better. Personally I think they’re planning to promote him in California and didn’t want him changing regions. But there was some mention of a new Texas district in Austin coming soon. Can’t imagine anybody who wouldn’t prefer Austin to Dallas so being passed on the Dallas position might be a blessing in disquise.

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