Nice Weather Again

I think the reason our pasta sauce is so good is that it’s more than 50% cherry tomatoes.That’s not by design it’s just that the cherries are incredibly prolific whereas the more conventional tomatoes are finicky. They pop up wild in the garden so I could populate the entire 1200 SF space with home grown cherry tomatoes and never buy another seed. The second or third or tenth generation tomatoes are smaller but make up for that with quantity.

It does look like a few of the cauliflower plants got leaf burn from the recent freeze. Don’t know yet whether that’s a terminal condition or something the plants will recover from. The good news is that most of them have edible size heads and those keep well in the refrigerator if the plants don’t recover. That, plus it won’t be too many weeks before I’ll need the space for the next crop. I’m going to start planting seeds indoors this week for the next batch of tomatoes and maybe peppers.

Went to the beach Monday and was surprised at how many folks had the same idea. You’d think that a weekday would be sparse but the yankees have invaded big time this year. Lot of Canadian tags too. You can tell the locals because they have light jackets and long pants whereas the visitors wear bathing suits and actually play in the surf. Found the same thing Tuesday when we met up with Joey and his entourage for lunch at New Symrna beach. I haven’t been there in years and we had a great time just checking out old familiar watering holes and shops – some of which I remember from the 50’s. We try to hook up with the Cocoa crowd once a month and pick a spot that is somewhere in between. Last month we met up in Sanford at a German restaurant, this time at an Italian deli.

The Monday beach trip provided the first opportunity to try the delayed bake feature on the new stove. We set it to bake a prepared dish of chicken parm for 45 minutes starting at 4:30PM. We walked in the door at 5:14 and the oven display said it had a minute or so to go. Perfect.
The other nice feature is that one of the burners actually has two heating rings. That brought a large pot of water to boiling much quicker than the one ring burners. I was a little concerned that Nancy might have trouble with that feature since you have to look closely at the controls but she had no problem.

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