It Made It!

We had 3 consecutive nights of freezing temps as forecast. I covered
the garden as best I could on Wednesday afternoon and removed the
covers Saturday afternoon when the forecast showed a warming trend –
night time lows in the 40’s and 50’s for the next 7 days and daytime
highs reaching into the lower 80’s. I really didn’t know what to
expect when removing the covers. I had mentally written off the green
peppers, tomatoes and basel; expected some light damage to the
Brassica’s – cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli; ditto the lettuce;
was reasonably confident that the spinach, collards and swiss chard
would survive unscathed even uncovered. Ditto the carrots although I
did cover those. What I found was that the only total disaster was
the basel – it was gone. A couple of the pepper plants had minimal
tip damage, a real surprise. I’m expecting those to continue
producing. About half the tomato plants were damaged but not killed,
a couple were gone, and a couple were untouched. I’ve heavily trimmed
the damaged areas and don’t know whether or not they will recover. I
picked about 10 pounds of green tomatoes before covering so whatever
happens to the plants, we’ll get some useable fruit. There was zero
damage to any of the greens. Those represent about 3/4 of the area of
the garden so from that perspective, the garden survived nicely. I
even had the basel covered with a spare plant indoors that I’ll move
to the garden when it’s safe. In the next few weeks I’ll actually
start (indoors) tomato and pepper plants for the spring planting.
One surprise was that all of the pineapples seem to make it – assuming
no delayed action. I didn’t cover them all that well due to the shape
of the plant and the kind of covers I had and also because I believed
they would probably crater long before it hit freezing. So far they
look 100% ok.

The other weather piece that’s kept me mostly inside has been the
wind. It’s been blowing steadily from the north for the past week
keeping me off the lake. I believe that same wind is what has kept
the garden a few degrees above freezing since it blows across the
length of the lake and picks up warmer moisture. Thanks but I’m
looking for it to stop and let me get back to catching spec’s. The
cold snap should have started the spawning season seriously with the
big ones moving close to shore. Of course surf fishing is out of the

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