All Covered up and Freezing Cold

Way to go UCF. Tom and Tina had a New Year’s Day party to watch the Peach Bowl and whatever other games were going on. Tom had 4 TV’s going, 3 in the house and one in the pool patio. The crowd was probably 90% UCF affiliated so there was plenty of loud cheering and moaning throughout the whole game. Good food, good company, and a good game – what more could we have wanted. (maybe about 10 degrees more temp).

I’ve had it with this Polar vortex thing we’re having right now. Nancy got me to hang out the sheets even though the temp and the wind were about 40. I’m dreading having to cover the garden tomorrow with a freeze forecast for the next day. It would be impossible to cover it today with the howling wind and it’s been this way for the past few days. I’ll pick the pepper plants clean since that’s the most tender crop in the garden. Last year we made a green tomato cake that made at least some use of that crop before it crashed and maybe we’ll do that again. – update – got the garden covered and we had first cold night of what looks like a 4 day stretch. I haven’t looked under the covers but the temp on the porch only dropped to 34 on the first night and I’m guessing most made it ok. Tonight is going to be the killer.

The final Blue Apron was as good as the other two. It was an Asian pork dish and a bit tricky on the timing – a lot of balls to juggle for an amateur klutz chef like me but somehow it came out just right. We’ve never had a disappointment with a dish from them.

Nancy has developed a new skill set and product. Someone at her crocheting group showed her how to make Scrubbies from a special kind of yarn. They are hot items and everyone she gives one to, loves it. They look like the old steel wool pads but softer and more colorful – from hot pink to chartreuse. She’s also designed one that is shaped like a wash cloth. People use them as vegetable scrubbers as well as general kitchen scrubbers. I used one the other day to clean my sneakers. She whips them out at night while watching TV, in between binding quilts. Busy hands.

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