New Beach Place

The tourney was a success with Nancy scoring good master points and me keeping up my surf fishing dry spell. I did manage to spend plenty of quality time on the sand and on the piers sipping suds. The place was ok but we found a new possibility in the Hammock area – Palm Coast’s Beach. It’s been there since 1930 but it’s nestled in the oak trees so I never noticed it from the road before. It’s unique in that it’s constructed of solid coquina rock, inside and out so you have a totally different feel than in a conventional hotel room. It’s a few hundred yards from the beach, maybe half a mile, but the property stretches back to the intracoastal. I didn’t check that out but next time we’re there for a couple of days, we’ll be sure to book this place. It’s also about half a mile from Bings Landing where the Captain’s barbecue operates, half mile from Washington Oaks State park where I often fish, and maybe a quarter mile from JT’s fish shack, a favored dining spot and happy hour watering hole. We also noticed, for the first time, that it’s a few hundred yards from a cheese and wine place that seemed to be hustling and bustling last night when we drove by. If you avoid the peak times, aka bike week, race week, Xmas etc, the rates are about $65 per night and under $400 for a week. My take on it is that if you like Marriott’s and Hampton’s, this may not be your kind of place. The name of the place is Palm Coast Villas if you want to check it out.

An instructor for the visually impaired place comes by next week for Nancy’s first lesson. She’ll be bringing the “white cane” and I guess teach Nancy proper beating and swatting moves and fencing positions. I probably need to pick up suitable body armor, a shield and a helmut.

Getting ready to plant the fall crop. I have a dozen tomato plants of various types and varieties and a dozen green pepper plants. I started these in July and they’re looking good. At the same time I’ll plant a few cucumber seeds and squash seeds directly in the garden. Then I get started on planting seeds for the winter crop in jiffy pots on the porch. It’s still way too hot to plant them directly in the garden. The first wave of winter crops will be cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, chard, and collards plus a few parsley plants. The kale, chard, Parsley, and collards will produce new leaves as picked so they will last all season; the cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli will be replanted once a month to provide a continuing supply throughout the whole season; ditto lettuce. I’ll direct plant the root crops, radishes, carrots and beets, along with spinach about the first of November – enough to get thru the first of the year and then squeeze in a second planting, space permitting. Maybe, if time and space permits, I’ll try celery again but that’s on the back burner right now.

I spent the eclipse knee deep in the surf at Flagler Beach. My theory was that the fish would go into a feeding frenzy when the sun disappeared. Didn’t happen. In fact, heavy storm clouds made the whole thing a non event. Other than the advertising, I’d never guess something actually happened.

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