Vacation Time

We had a nice weekend with Tom and Tina – on Saturday they took Nancy to a theater in Daytona and then came back here for a pasta feast; on Sunday we drove down to Lake Mary they took us out to a barbecue feast at a new place in Disney, the Polite Pig. Great food, great drinks. They definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to restaurants.

We’re taking a mini vacation this week. Nancy has a 3 day bridge tournament at the beach starting Thursday. It’s about a 45 minute drive but we decided rather than driving back and forth 3 days running, we’d get a hotel for a couple of days and hang at the beach. That works for me. Thursday night is fish and chips night at the Golden Lion and I see a giant burger in my future at the Sea Turtle Cafe. I get in two good days of surf fishing – with school back in session the beach will be deserted Thursday and Friday. Not sure what I’ll do on Saturday when the masses return but have no doubt I’ll do just fine. There’s nothing at all going on with the garden so the break will fit in.

We continue to get serious summer rains. Seems like it’s averaging an inch a day over the past couple of weeks and the lake is approaching “full”. I define full as the top step of the ladder being submerged. I’m ready for it to slow down just in case we get a hurricane like event that overtops the dock.

When I said nothing going on in the garden, that doesn’t include the pineapple patch. I picked two this week, one for us, one for George and there is another one about 2 weeks away. That’ll be it for this year. I think we picked 6 or 7 this summer. Assuming all the cut tops and offshoots I planted produce next year, we should have a couple dozen pineapples to deal with.

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