Found a King Biscuit

This visually impaired county service may be a bit of a problem. It’s a Social Services kind of operation whereas Nancy is more of a precise, German kind of citizen. If she asks a question, an answer that begins with “well, that depends” is not going to work for her. She is big on specific start- stop schedules and specific agendas and I can tell from the first interfaces, the styles are going to clash. We had a visit this week from the “white cane” lady and picked up a few tips on using that specifically to let others know that she’s impaired as opposed to using it as a touch instrument. She also got a good pair of sunglasses designed specifically to cut down on side glare and other glare. I tried the glasses myself and they really do cut down on glare – in fact I think I’ll get a pair for myself. We also learned that at the center itself there is a “magnification” lab where she can look at various products and determine which do the best job. She told us that the way we’re walking now is just fine – at least we’re not doing anything wrong. I really didn’t think so. Lot to learn!

I decided to start transplanting tomatoes and peppers into the garden, a week or so earlier than I’d been planning. The plants are getting “leggy” and will surely break off if not replanted deeper. It’s still too hot for my liking but it looks like rain in the forecast so hopefully I’ll be able to “steal” a few days. One problem I’m trying to solve with this planting is having good support for the plants as they grow. I bought 8’ iron fence posts a few weeks back and have them planted 18” deep, 3’ apart to tie the plants as they grow taller. I might install wire cages around some of them for added support. I’ve learned that the cages themselves just don’t do the job on a full plant in a strong wind so I’m hoping this will get the job done.

On the food front – a few months back we read a review on a little breakfast/lunch in Ormond and vowed to give it a try when convenient. Interestingly it’s located in a small shopping center that we frequent from time to time and we had never seen this place. We have several doctors in that area so if we have an early appointment, we could try breakfast. That happened today with a visit to Nancy’s dermatologist. The reason we had never seen it was that it is really a tiny front and the small sign indicates it to be a coffee shop. When we went in, clearly it was doing a bang up business and the patrons were more or less the AARP crowd. Also all the patrons and employees were on a first name basis. The breakfast specials hooked me with a scrapple and eggs plate and really set the hook when the waitress asked if I wanted it crispy and also if I wanted the biscuit warmed or grilled. Just the right questions. The food was as good as it gets and the biscuit was a prize winner. In the same league as the flying biscuit in Gainesville or Jim’s in San Antonio. Way too much food so next time I’ll ask them to hold the biscuit until we’re leaving and then take it home.

Not done on food. Nancy had seen an interesting recipe on TV for shrimp scampi. I pulled it up on the computer and determined that we had everything on hand (or in the garden). Incredible. The surprise ingredient (to us) was anchovy. So this was an over the top food day.

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