Batchin’s again

Batchin’ again. Joey took his mama and cousin Joanne on a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas and left me here to tend the jungle and the lake. It’s incredibly quiet and I’m just luxuriating in the silence. Our company is gone – 4 days of reliving what it was like to have little kids. Just go, go, go!!! Loved it.

One thing it did do was give me the push to get started on planting the fall garden instead of just talking about it. With the help of my great, great niece, we planted seeds for green peppers and 4 tomato varieties in jiffy pots filled with starter mix – a total of 20 plants. Along with that, 10 jiffy pots of Inca Marigold seeds along with some planted directly in the garden for comparison. Without the outside push, I probably would have procrastinated getting started and then wondered why it was taking so long. According to the seed packs, most of these seeds won’t be ready to transplant to the garden for 8-10 weeks, close to Labor Day which leads to pickable veggies in November. If I waited too long, that starts pushing into frost potential and somehow that fact always eludes me in mid July. I’ll also plant squash and cucumber seeds directly in the garden about the same time I transplant these plants.

We picked the pineapple mentioned in the previous post. I had let this go longer than ever before and was concerned that it might have been overripe. It was totally gold with no green at all whereas I’m used to picking/buying them when mostly green and just turning yellow. Inside it was gold instead of light yellow and really sweet. I guess they pick them mostly green to give them more time from harvest to market but for sure they’re excellent when ripened on the plant. There’s another on an adjacent plant that could be picked now or sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’ve decided to start another experimental pineapple and aloe garden just outside the front porch. I planted 3 aloe plants there about a month ago and they seem to be thriving so decided to plant the top of the latest home grown one mentioned above and a side shoot the same plant had produced. I’m definitely self sustaining with pineapple now.

My neighbor spotted a baby gator in the lake and after a few days of luring it in with fish food, managed to catch it. It was 27” long, so no danger to anything at this time. Nonetheless, he’ll be relocated to a more remote lake – update – he relocated it to Lake George, Florida’s second largest lake, so he’ll have plenty of company. The other “jungle event” that happened was watching a group of three adult armadillos run across the bottom of George’s property and disappear into the jungle at the corner between his property and outs. It’s unusual to see them in daylight but really unusual about 5 minutes later to see them scoot by me on the other side of the fence maybe 5’ away and even more unusual to have them literally bump into me as they crawled under the fence and headed back to the lakefront. I jumped much higher than I would have thought possible.

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