Starting School Soon

Nancy made it home from the cruise, all safe and sound. She had a great time with Joey and Joanne and I got quite a bit done in the yard/jungle. I’m almost finished everything I had planned for the summer – if only I could keep it exactly like it is!! I generally work from about 8Am until 11AM. By then I am absolutely wringing wet and worn to a frazzle.

We had the first meeting with the Volusia County visually impaired folks since putting in the application. A case worker came by the house and spent a few hours checking us and the place out. We picked up a few interesting tips even with that one interface so I’m sure it will be beneficial. They offer a number of classes and needed to assess exactly which one’s Nancy needed and could handle. We should hear something in the next couple of weeks but it sounded like it will be a 4 hour class, once a week, for 12 weeks. There are usually 5-10 students in a class. It’s in Orange City which is about a half hour from here. I don’t know whether it makes sense for me to attend the class with her or just find a place/places to kill the time. One thing for sure – between bridge twice a week and quilting once a week, this certainly fills our dance card.

Got a full 10 pack of germinated tomato seeds for the next planting. 100% success which is a bit unusual. The trick for the next 3-4 weeks is to make sure they have just enough sunlight to grow strong but not enough to stress them. Sounds easy but it’s actually the trickiest part of the process until they’re ready for transplant. At the same time I planted a 10 pack of green peppers. They take a bit longer to germinate but it’s a variety I’ve had good success with in the past. I couldn’t find any last year and had a really disappointing pepper crop this spring.

Picked another pineapple. I invited Garret’s little girl, Miley, to the harvest then showed her and Jinny, her mother, how to prepare it and to plant the top to start another plant. Interestingly, there were 4 new sprouts alongside the one we picked and that’s how this pineapple started – as the second one on the plant. I have no idea if one plant just continues to produce a pineapple (or several) every year or they eventually give it up. In any event, they now have a nice, fresh fruit and I have 6 more in the last month or two of growing. I’m about ready to declare us pineapple self sufficient.

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