Summer lake party this week

We’ve received 3” of rain in the last two days with more on the horizon. Along with the rain came big time thunder and lightning. I’ve been sprigging the back yard with St Augustine grass so this weather is exactly what the doctor ordered. Now I need a dry day to mow it. The lake is up nicely, about where it should be for mid July. We have company coming for a few days or a week so the dock should become the focal point for the action.

At this point most of the spring/summer garden has been pulled out and tilled for the next round of crops – 7 out of 11 rows ready to go. The game now is to let it cook in the July/August heat, killing off nematodes, and to start seeds indoors for transplant to the garden in September. Other than the tomato overload, I wasn’t really pleased with the rest of the stuff. The weather was just too weird (I think). We got zucchini but nowhere’s near as much as we should have. Ditto cucumbers, green peppers, and eggplant. A more normal lament is exactly the opposite – overload in the last veggies and skimpy on the tomatoes. I’m going to see if I can squeeze out a larger than normal fall crop but that’s always iffy and I’d probably be better off forgetting fall and focus on producing a sterling winter crop. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!

One bright spot – at the beginning of the season, April, I planted several watermelon seeds – a new, prize winning variety. For the most part, they eventually died – all but one plant way back in a corner of the garden. Last week I glanced back there and spotted a watermelon but got called away before examining it more closely. Today I got back and found 4 melons and a thriving bush loaded with blossoms. Now I’m a happy camper. According to the seed pack, we should be picking watermelons 90 days after planting the seeds so we’re not too far off track. That plus having a pineapple ready to pick now. I’m holding off waiting for our great great niece to do the honors next week. This will be the second pineapple from this plant and interestingly, it looks like 4 more sprouts are emerging right below this single fruit. It’s my understanding that I can cut those new sprouts from the main plant and start new ones. Honestly, we could fill the garden with home grown pineapple if we replanted all the new sprouts and the top cutting from the picked fruit.

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