Quick Visit

The garden is transitioning nicely from winter to spring crops thanks to an incredible stretch of weather. If this is global warming, I’m all over it. The row that was 100% cabbage is now 50% cabbage, 50 percent tomatoes. Ditto the cauliflower row. I’m doing all my seed starts directly in the garden rather than in the house so I’m experiencing zero losses when transplanting seedlings to another spot in the garden. The first row of bush beans are working on their second and third set of leaves so they will have about a 3 week head start on the second row. I’ve planted a dozen or so green pepper seeds, a few zucchini seeds and cucumbers. A couple dozen romaine lettuce plants are now about 3” tall and looking strong. The big problem is that the warm winter has made all the winter veggies crater earlier than usual – maybe a month too soon – so we’re having to eat like crazy to keep it all from going bad in the field. There was an article in the paper saying the same thing was happening to the commercial veggie growers in the area so it wasn’t anything I was doing wrong. Lot’s of soups and salads hitting the table.

Took a walk on the wild side this week. I drink green smoothies made from garden greens and whatever fruit happens to be on sale. I decided to throw caution to the wind and use kohlrabi greens instead of the traditional kale or spinach. To go even farther, this kohlrabi is a purple variety and the leaves are dark, dark reddish green with purple stems and veins. It turned out good but the color of the drink would be a little much for any but the most stout hearted – almost black. After that turned out so well I decided trying a drink with a beet tossed in – root and greens inclusive. The beet was about the size of a golf ball. Wow, was it red!!! I liked it and will try to get Nancy to try a taste since she has some issues with iron. I’ll add a carrot to the next one to see what changes to the palette that brings about although I suspect the beet will override anything else.
Nancy was having some keyboard problems – visual problems. She loves to order stuff online where a few missed keys can have some strange results. I saw an ad in the Wallpaper for a special keyboard and decided to give it a try. Success. It’s about the same size as our Mac keyboard but the keypads were larger and the engraving much bolder with white letters on black keypads. She’s ordering up a storm so maybe I’ve solved one problem only to create another!!! No good deed……………….

The highlight of the week was a short visit by Chris. It was a Saturday to Monday visit so not long enough but we managed to squeeze in most everybody. He’s put in for a DM opening in Atlanta and we’ve got our fingers crossed that he hits it. There’s a lot of competition for the spot including applicants from within the district.

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