The Pressure’s On

I’m now parking my bright red pick up truck in front of the house in a shady location. Turns out it’s a cardinal attractor. I don’t know whether it’s the color or the fact that it has large side mirrors but at almost any time during daylight hours there’s a cardinal or two poking the mirrors, obviously seeing their own reflection. Cardinals are quite vocal and have a really pleasant sound so you really know they’re around. I’m also noticing lots of white splashes on the mirrors and doors. Wonder if there’s a connection?

We found a recipe for broccoli mashed potatoes and since we had all the ingredients decided to give it a go along with the ham and cabbage. Converts the potatoes into a health food and consumes more garden goodies. Turned out really delicious and will certainly be a regular throughout broccoli season. We could probably use cauliflower in the same way but it wouldn’t stand out visually. As my role in the kitchen increases, we’re eating more pasta. Basically you can make a delicious pasta dish with anything that comes out of the garden, usually in less than 20 minutes. Last night we did Prisciutto and spinach with pasta. Yum!!!

I’m under pressure now! Certain quilting moves are now outside Nancy’s visual abilities and she’s recruited me. Up until now it’s been little things that any idiot with eyes could handle, such as threading the sewing machine, (so I make the grade) but today she stepped up my involvement to include cutting the outside edge after the quilting has been done. To ease the pressure she alerted me that one wrong cut and it’s curtains for the quilt. Apparently I did the first one, a small one, ok. I also had to measure a strip and cut it off just right. Again, ok but the pressure is on. One good thing that came from it was she broke out a pair of scissors that I had never seen before and I can see lots of places where I could have used them.

Still working on the house project. The electrical and plumbing are done and we’re doing minor carpentry to prepare the house for installing insulation and dry wall. That should happen this month and I can actually see a move in by the end of April. Race week in Daytona slowed us down since Garret is an avid race fan. Bike Week is next week and I spotted him working on his bike the other day so….But right now the weather is absolutely perfect, cool and dry, but that is guaranteed to change to hot and humid soon. Hopefully we’ll be done by then.

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