Big Veggie Distribution Week

Dropped off another big load of greens to the Crescent City Bridge ladies. This time it was 3 bags of collards, 2 bags of kohlrabi greens, and a bag of NZ spinach. Each bag is large enough for a couple of meals so they’re definitely happy campers. This batch took an extra effort because it was cold, really cold, and windy and a 7:30AM harvest. We’re getting a shot of that big winter storm hitting the NE – actually have freeze warnings for tonight. I just know I couldn’t begin to handle that anymore. Update – made it thru two nights of potential freezes unscathed. All the stuff I covered looks good and the only sign of distress was that the potatoes might have been nipped a bit. I’ll keep an eye on those since it could be getting close to harvest time on them and the way you know that is the foliage starts to turn.

We had some drop-in company this morning, our great niece and great great nieces from South Carolina are going to a family event in South West Florida and stopping by here for a few hours. I’ve been feeding the fish for a month or so and have them trained to attack dried bread as soon as it hits the water. As expected, the kids wanted to go fishing off the dock as soon as they jumped out of the car. As soon as the bait hit the water, Grace had one – and another, and another……………… With that mission accomplished, she joined Nancy in a quilting lesson. She took to creative sewing a couple of years ago and Nancy periodically sends her pieces of material to work with so she was loaded with questions. She needs to spend a week or so, one on one with Aunt Nancy learning the basics. Nancy said she’s a natural and could be knitting and crocheting with just a little basic instruction and coaching. Maybe………..On the way back they stopped for a major garden pick – 8 bags.

Talk about pressure. Nancy sews together little pieces into larger squares and then those squares have to be “squared” before assembly into a quilt. That’s where I come in now – doing the squaring. The pressure is on because with one incorrect slice, I can screw up hours of work. And it’s really on because I’m a natural born klutz and Nancy is OCD on things like straight lines being really straight – she’s German, I’m Italian.

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