Getting Cold

Well Ok, Trump gets elected and gas prices drop – 20 cents in just a week. What more do you need to know? And, Florida beat LSU and won the SEC Eastern Conference. And the spec’s have started biting. You can’t tell me all that isn’t hooked.

Nancy picked up a bridge game in Palm Coast yesterday. I drove her over and then went to checkout the work on the seawall and get in some surf fishing. They had finished the wall as planned and ended up dumping 14 truckloads of sand to cover it. The owner of the place where we stay was still working on the beach access and has also decided to have sand dumped in to fill in the yard he lost but decided against actually building a seawall understructure. His ocean frontage is 75’ and he is estimated about 30 truckloads to do his. A truck load of sand is $150 to calibrate you on the cost. Not actually building a seawall sure makes the job easier. It’s going to be interesting over the next few years to see how the two jobs stand up to the surf. Both of these guys plan to plant sea oats and sea grapes into the newly poured berm to hold it all together. I got in a couple hours of surf fishing – no fish but a great day anyway. It sounds like this may become a regular event.

The lake is producing speckled perch again. My neighbor caught a few the other day so I decided to give it a shot this morning. I caught about a dozen small ones before the wind came up so that adds another activity I have to squeeze into my otherwise busy schedule. We’ve definitely cooled down and that triggers the schooling/bedding activity from now until Feb or March. Cool down means night time temps in the 50’s with a projection for the 40’s next week. Bringing on the spec bite is the only thing that makes those temps tolerable. Also, spotted an otter swimming along fairly close to me. Haven’t seen one in a couple of years so that was exciting.

Add lettuce to the list of pickables. Man that stuff sure grows fast. Along with the radishes, we now have the makings of salad every day for the next 5-6 months. Nancy made a large pot of radish soup yesterday. It uses both the greens and the roots. I’m going to try to do a better job this season of adding new seeds every few weeks so we have a continuous supply on into early summer.

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