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Off seawall construction duty and back on the house building project and fall/winter gardening.

Seawall construction
Seawall construction

I was a bit surprised by the election outcome, particularly the magnitude of the Republican wins at all levels – Federal, State and local. Very reminiscent of the Reagan revolution in the 80’s. I hope the end results are as good. Being a country boy, I have always liked the electoral college concept and it worked for me again. Funny thing was my neighbor, a double country boy, kept complaining that the electoral system was unfair but at the same time he was a staunch Trump supported. I tried to explain to him how the system worked in his favor but he never caught on. He sure knows now and admits he was confused. When you see a Red/Blue map of the country down at the county level, it becomes obvious that this is a red country with a few very dense pockets of blue.

I’ve started transplanting the seedlings I started on the porch a few weeks ago. Right now that includes Chinese cabbage and another cabbage type I’ve never heard of but sounds great for cole slaw and cabbage salad. Also, collard greens, three kinds of Kale, two kinds of broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi – this time a purple variety – and Swiss Chard. I’ve also put in a row of snap peas and a row of shell peas. Pretty easy to see how we get into a veggie overload. I broke down and planted some more onions. They’ve not done well at all for the last two seasons and I swore never to waste the space again. So much for that! My brain just has trouble dealing with an empty space in the garden. We’re actually eating from the garden again – picking green beans, radishes, and New Zealand Spinach. I didn’t plant the spinach but it self seeds all over the garden so I’m pulling it out like weed except for a spot, half a row, I’ve designated just for the spinach. I’m liking it a lot this season because I’ve learned to trim it early before the stems and leaves toughen and that makes a big difference. It’s great in the green smoothies. We’re about 2 weeks away from lettuce which is coming in strongly. I also just planted some Broccoli Raab seeds. I know they’ll grow just fine but I had decided specifically not to plant them this year. For the last two years they’ve just taken up space in the garden because nobody wanted them but the other day Nancy was watching a cooking show and the chef made a broccoli Raab pasta dish that turned her on big time. I was out in the garden planting the seed about 10 minutes later.

We have an interesting natural phenomena going on this year – robins. We’ve been invaded by flocks and flocks and flocks of red chested robins. That happens every fall but this seems a little earlier than usual and for sure, in greater numbers. George assures me that this is a sign of a colder than usual winter. I think last year he attributed the lack of robins to a colder winter too.

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