Post Thanksgiving update

We had a great Thanksgiving at Joey’s – and then a follow-up “thanksgiving dinner” at Tom’s on the following Sunday. The weather was perfect so he hosted the event in his back yard under a large canopy. I think there were 20 people there, a mix of friends and family. Everybody brought something so it was a real eclectic mix of food – all delicious. We brought the big bird and Nancy made a vegetable dish, and the gravy; I made fresh cranberry sauce. Mark smoked a ham and made carrot cakes – one high test and one gluten free. Got a good look at the new boat which is actually floatable at this point. The work is all inside now and could be launched in the next year or so depending on time available to actually do the work. At Tom’s there was a “big reveal” of the remodeling they’ve been doing for the past several months. It looks so much bigger now and really modern. If it’s electronically possible, it’s there.

Perfect garden weather. If we can get another month without a freeze, the garden output should be awesome. One of the surprises this season is the New Zealand spinach which self seeded from last year’s planting. You may recall I planted that based on claims of heat tolerance and it did live through the summer but it really wasn’t all that good on the table. Too tough. It eventually died off or I pulled it out but it started popping up all over the garden toward the end of September. It was so persistent that I decided to designate half a row to it and transplanted seedlings as they appeared randomly throughout the garden. What a great decision that was. It’s now thriving better than it ever did last year and nice and tender – a staple in my green smoothies. I fell for the “handles heat” description which means “heat” as Maine growers know it. For us it’s a great fall crop and probably early spring but for sure, not a summer crop.

Aside from the spinach, I’ve got a bundle of seedlings that just germinated in he past week – kohlrabi and broccoli – that will be left alone for a couple of weeks to grow a second set of leaves and then moved to a row still growing sweet potatoes. So I’m going to end up with a full row, 16’ to 20’ of cabbage, another of cauliflower, another of kale and another of broccoli; shorter 15’ rows of collards, kohlrabi, swiss chard and lettuce, one of each, plus miscellaneous plantings of carrots, radishes, beets and onions – approaching full capacity. Oh yeah, almost forgot the beans – a row of sugar snaps, a row of shell peas and a row of green beans. To put that in perspective, I pick more than enough green beans for a meal every single day – and that’s an 8’ row. There’s a short row, 4’, of turnips and one of rutabagas. Based on past history not sure how those will turn out but they are sure putting out beautiful foliage. I picked a bag full of the turnip greens for one of Nancy’s quilting buddies and she said they were delicious.

I’m ok with Trump talking to the president of Taiwan; I’m ok with Trump talking to Putin; But Al Gore???? Not OK.

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