A Few Hours Before the Big Blow

Getting ready for the big storm and it’s looking real this time. According to the local media, we should be experiencing high winds and serious rain by tomorrow morning last about 10-12 hours. I think I have everything tied down or put away but with winds of 125 mph predicted, you never know. I cranked up the generator to make sure it would run and luckily it started on the first pull and ran just fine for about 15 minutes. So I filled it with gas and have it sitting in place up by the carport and sheds, all connected to the electrical outlet. I have 20 gallons of gas in waiting plus a full tank so that should get us through a 3 day power outage. Beyond that, I would think I could find gas after the storm within driving range. So for the past two days I’ve been converting water to gas and water to time. What?????? The biggest problem with losing power is losing the freezers and fridge. Also when we turn off the generator – we run it roughly 12 hours a day from about 9AM to 9PM – that shuts down the freezers and fridge. So the idea is to load up those appliances with frozen water bottles to keep them cold when the power is off. The frozen water buys us time and, in a sense, functions like the generator for the fridge and freezers. Other than that the house functions perfectly except with no A/C and no hot water. The Holland grill will function as the primary oven so we can operate for a long time without the stove.

The other concern is a tree coming down and blocking our egress path so I moved the truck over to my neighbor’s field where it’s in no danger of a tree fall. I brought the chain saw in the house in case we have to cut our way out – it wouldn’t be the first time. If a tree falls on the house………….oh well.

Not worried about any lake flooding. Even a foot of rain wouldn’t bring the lake even up to deck level. The concern with too much water is that it loosens the soil around the trees so they can topple over under the wind stress. I guess a tree could fall on the dock………….oh well.
The garden will probably suffer. The cuc’s and pole beans are climbing up the trellis which exposes them to the highest winds and driving rain so I’m guessing they will be fairly well shredded. The zucchini plants are growing really well and with great big leaves to act like sails, will no doubt be a major target. When you plant a fall garden you know you’re heading for storm season and the potential of an early frost so it’s a crap shoot most years.

We’re feeling good about the house under construction; it’s unquestionably stronger now than it was before we started. I’m sure the original house wouldn’t have withstood this storm.

One thought on “A Few Hours Before the Big Blow

  1. Just before noon your time Friday. Watching the weather channel and it looks a little less dire than yesterday. Hope you both stay safe.


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