The Day After

Day of the storm. I got a decent night’s sleep and was pleasantly surprised to find that we still had power at 5AM. The wind was howling and the rain was coming down big time. I decided to get up and brew a pot of coffee while we still had power. The networks are broadcasting live info nonstop and have been since yesterday morning so we are in heavy overload of weather radar and sights of news reporters blowing away. Tom called last night about 10PM and he was fighting the water. He had drained the pool but it was rapidly filling up again. If the pool overflows onto the deck he’ll have trouble keeping it out of the house. Joey is closest to the action and should be in the worst of it about now. No doubt he’s lost power but I’m confident he can handle whatever happens.

Update – We did lose power as predicted about 7AM. I had the generator all set to go but had to brave walking up to the shed area in the wind and rain. I knew it was going to get much worse so no sense procrastinating. One pull and we were back in business. We ran it for about 10 hours then refueled it without ever turning it off so it’s really going to makes this all livable. (note, I learned today that I should have turned off the generator while refueling.) It was a tense day with howling wind that the weather guys said was 75mph where we are. It rained hard and horizontal so I don’t know if the rain gauge really works under those conditions but it recorded 5”, less than forecast. We had a few large branches break off, one exactly where I usually park the truck so we dodged a bullet on that. Had another substantial branch break off and land on the roof of one of the utility sheds but it didn’t appear to hurt the roof – another bullet dodged. We have lots of tall pine trees close to the house so we were constantly getting pounded by pine cones. That startles but the roof was up to it – really glad we decided on a metal roof. The worst thing happened about 5PM after the worst of the storm had passed – the tv antenna broke such that the antenna was more a wind vane than an antenna. Since the wind was coming from the west, the antenna swung to that direction and we basically lost TV. Nancy is not a happy camper but we have a couple of Netflix DVD’s and there’s nothing on broadcast TV but hurricane news so I’m ready for something different.

Day after the storm – Wow what a mess. You can’t even see the driveway with the fallen branches. It took about 3/4 of the day to get it all reasonably cleaned up. Then my neighbors (on both sides) and I fixed the antenna. It will take most of another day to dispose of all the debris – fire pit disposal system. I haven’t gone down to check out the dock yet. I’m operating in overload mode now so I’d rather wait until all else is done before visiting there. You might think that’s an ostrich approach but I think it will be ok just loaded up with debris and present another full day cleanup job. I don’t need that yet.
The generator has worked two straight days without a hiccup and it will probably be another two days before power is restored. We’re fairly far down the priority list. It seems to run 10-12 hours on a single tank which I think is about 4 gallons. I started out with about 20 gallons so you can do the math. We start it at 7AM and shut it down about 11PM. We can pretty much run anything in the house but the AC and the hot water heater including a burner on the stove, the toaster oven, the microwave – of course not all at the same time but with a little thought, it does the job just fine.
A quick look at the garden proved it had a rough time of it. Details in a couple of days.

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