Hurricane coming

Done with college football early in the season! After my gators died from Tennessee poison, I’ve lost interest. Good for the garden, bad for the fish.
We took a short trip to South Carolina to visit our niece and her extended family including our three favorite great great nieces. Nancy is usually working on some quilting piece for the family and our backlog had built up to where a hand delivery was justified. We drove straight thru on Friday then left Sunday afternoon to return via Savannah and on into Jacksonville Monday morning to hit the local Costco. We dropped about $650 there and actually wouldn’t have had room in the car for another dollar’s worth of stuff. We took a different way coming from Spartanburg to Savannah to avoid Interstate 26. That’s the most stressful interstate to drive in my experience. It’s very hilly, the traffic moves at exceptionally high speed and it has to be more than 50% populated with giant trucks. I guess that’s due to the proximity to the ports of Charleston and Savannah, major east coast freight harbors. Google maps said a way to avoid the interstate would be exactly the same mileage but add an hour of travel time. Considering that one could easily sit for an hour dead stopped on 26 in a traffic snarl, we decided to take the back roads. Glad we did. Lots to see with no stress driving and since we were stopping half way, no time constraints.
Our social life took a big uptick this past couple of weeks. Our postmaster is into little theatre and he told us he was starring in a production of the Man from La Mancha. We hadn’t seen that in 100 years and thought it might be fun to support him at a Sunday matinee and then top it off with a trip to a local watering hole known for a large variety of specialty beers. The show turned out much more entertaining than I had expected and our postal guy, Ray, was really quite good. Ditto the pub. Nancy has a new favorite beer, Florida Cracker, from a brewery called Cigar City, no doubt in Tampa.
Nancy had dinner out mid week in recognition of her charity quilt work for a local service organization. Since she can’t drive I took her and killed a couple of hours trying out the Florida Cracker for myself. That’s the first time I’ve sat in a bar by myself in at least 15 years. I noticed that the protocol for anyone sitting down at the bar is to immediately pop you smart phone out on the bar and then pick it up and peck on the keyboard every 10 or so minutes. I don’t have one so I was clearly out of my element. I think there might be a market for a dummy phone which looked like a smart one but could be programmed to ping or make a different sound every 10 minutes. Should be able to sell one of those for $20.

Getting ready for a hurricane. Cranked up the generator to be sure it would still run and tied down everything on the dock. Seems like there should be more but not sure what. Right now it looks like it will pass offshore about a 100 miles east of us so we should experience winds under 60mph and maybe get a couple of inches of rain. If it happens to change course in a bad way, we’ll just hop in the car and go as far away as practical. Not going to ride out a direct hit.

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