Progress all around

Temporary cast removed from Nancy’s arm and no permanent one required – so all good news. She’s supposed to keep using the sling most of the time but occasionally stretching out the arm and introducing some motion. Max lift is one pound.

The Holland Grill and I made a spectacular dinner tonight. Grilled chicken thighs and grilled veggies. Here’s the veggie recipe: pick a head of Packman broccoli at 4PM; a head of Snow Crown cauliflower at 4:05PM and rush them to the kitchen. Using half head of each, cut them into perfect florets and sprinkle with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder. Then mix with a few splashes of olive oil to completely coat. Pop on the grill for 15 minutes. The chicken thighs had been put on the grill 30 minutes earlier so the total time was 45 minutes including picking, cleaning and grilling. After putting the veggies on the grill, run back to the garden and pick a few leaves of Bloomsdale spinach, a few leaves of Summertime lettuce, two Winterbor Kale leaves and half a dozen scallions – half white and half red. Wash thoroughly, put in a large salad bowl and sprinkle some Garlic Expressions salad dressing and a few squirts of lemon juice.

Have a nice little (3’x8’) potato patch going on in the garden. Accidental. A month or so back Nancy was preparing some potatoes for dinner and noticed that one had sprouted. I took it and cut off the eye and planted it. Then a couple weeks later I noticed that when turning the compost pile, there was something growing in it. Looking closely, I saw that it was actually potato peelings sprouting so I carefully probed around in the pile and found a half dozen or so that were starting to sprout. I put them all into one spot and, voila, they all seem to have rooted so this is a total bonus crop – currently at 9 plants. It’s kind of late in the season but the thing about potatoes is that you can basically harvest them whenever you want after a couple of months – the tubers just get larger with time so baby or fingerling potatoes are just young potatoes whereas the big ones are “full grown”.

Also in the garden, pulled out a full row, 3’x 15’, of Broccoli. We (and lots of other folk) have been eating off this row for a couple of months and it’s fairly well played out. I still have a few plants scattered around in miscellaneous garden locations that have not popped yet so the broccoli season is still alive. Good timing since I need to get corn in, now. I planted 3 rows, 3’x15’ . I know, I swore I would not plant corn this summer but I learned a few things and will try one more time. I also pulled the last of the carrots, a dozen or so, and replanted the spot with bush beans about an hour later – so no lost time. So with the squash plants growing like crazy, the transition from winter to summer crops is well on it’s way.

Had a great visit this past week with our great nephew Kassem. He drove down from South Carolina and spent a few days here at the lake. We got in some fishing, some boating, and he got to spend time with his aunts, uncles, and cousins who live within an hour of us. He’s turned into an outdoorsman and set up a hammock on the dock where he spent two nights sleeping out in the wild.

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