My bride has a new handicap – a broken arm. After a good meeting with they eye doc where her eyes showed improvement and the interval between shots was increase to 10 weeks (from 8) she wanted to do a little celebratory shopping. I had the laptop and a good book so off we went. Trip and fall led to a call to 911 and eventually to the ER where she was diagnosed with a broken arm. Not a bad break but certainly something to deal with and make her life more complicated.


The pics show progress on Garrett’s house. Since the last pics we basically finished the lower half of the south wall and most of the east wall. The stairs you see, on the east wall, will be cut off and moved to the north side to access the deck and the upper level. George thinks we can do that without disassembling the stairway. I have my doubts. What you don’t see is an area behind the steel quonset hut we cleared and leveled to become the material storage area. Why not put the material in the hut you ask – it’s currently storing all the tools, work benches, doors, windows, lawn mowers, tractors and eventually furniture from their current dwelling.
East Side
East Side

South Side
South Side
The bass fishing meter has moved from red, through the light green and now solidly in the green. Got 4 today fishing off the dock using live bluegills for bait while reading a new book. I kept one that just fit my keeper slot – that’s a one meal fish for us. Any smaller or any bigger and I release them. I also am starting to consistently pick up a few casting lures from the kayak. Tomorrow’s dinner will be fried bass with a broccoli and cauliflower salad as the side. That’s what you call a home grown meal.
Here’s another “oh wow” from the Daytona Trib – a lady living in an apt on the intercoastal Waterway, aka the Halifax River, opened the door and her small dog, a Shih Tzu fell (or jumped) off the seawall. She called 911 and both the fire dept and “Beach safety Ocean Rescue” came to the rescue. Unfortunately they gave up after about an hour searching. The dogs owner said she had just gotten the dog (Ginger) and it was “not familiar with the surroundings”. This article took up 8 column inches of space.

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